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Okay…that was tough. 

Just being still long enough to listen to “Let it Be” was a challenge.  Is this what you are thinking?  Come on…you were multi-tasking while listening weren’t you?

Stillness is difficult because we are socialized to accomplish, to earn…earn money, earn respect, earn “our place in the world”.  Isn’t this what we think?  But just by being here, we have a place in the world.  We exist. Our life is a gift.  

Now don’t get me wrong, we still need to LIVE.  We cannot just sit around and listen to the Beatles all day.  Although I think some of us tried that in college…

You know how people say they are trying to be centered?  I like that image because in the center of us is our heart, not our mind.  Our soul, the good stuff, is in our center.  When we find our center, we find our TRUE selves.  I love the quote that says, “We are not human beings trying to be spiritual, we are spiritual beings trying to be human”.  Your true ESSENCE is your spiritual self, your soul. 

Throughout the ages, different races, religions and cultures have been challenged to find a way to stillness.  Of course, this is an individual practice…our world is busy and definitely not still.  The fun and exciting part is trying to be in this world but not OF this world. 

Now you are thinking, okay that’s great yada, yada, but how do I get centered?  This is also an individual thing.  Some people use prayer, some use yoga, some use walking the dog.  Some people literally remove themselves from the world…take a sabbatical.  For me, yoga has been the tool to awaken me and along with prayer, they sustain me.  It’s a constant battle but I now feel I have the tools to “return to my center” if I feel too worldly.  I love that we say we PRACTICE yoga and we also practice our faith.  I’m so glad I don’t need to be an expert but I can still practice. 

One time I was in a group of people complaining about all the things that were wrong with their church and I heard someone say, “We should be glad our church isn’t perfect.  If it was, they wouldn’t let all of us in!”  We are all just practicing…try “Let it Be” again, maybe it will get easier.  (You might want to step away from the laundry and the dishes and the email first.)


Be Still and Know

How do we AWAKEN?  How do we get to awareness?  How do we uncover who we really are? 

We walk around with lots of “mind chatter”.  We look outside of ourselves for fulfillment.  We fill our ears with music and talk and TV and internet and news.  Even when there is no external noise, there is noise in our minds.  We think of our “to do” lists; our worries, our fears, thoughts of the past, regrets, hopes for the future.  We are always trying to get somewhere, do something.  People talk about how busy they are – you don’t know if they are bragging or complaining.  It’s as if “being busy” is what we strive for, it’s a badge of honor…look at me, I’m important, I’m busy.

Actually, to get to who we really are, we need to be still…to quiet the “mind chatter”.  When we bring awareness to this issue of busyness and clutter of the mind, we start to have the ability to change it.  We witness it and we realize we are not our thoughts.  We are the WITNESS to our thoughts.  Therefore, we are something other than our thoughts.  This is where it gets interesting.  We are our “spirit” or our “soul” – we are separate from our thoughts.  We are wise and eternal.  This is where we find peace, resting in who we REALLY are.  To get to this place of stillness can be difficult but it is not impossible.

Jesus says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  Can we be still?  Can we rest in His assurance that all is well?  Can we relinquish control?   Just for today, even if just for a few minutes, let’s try to be still. 

Let’s do what the Beatles tell us to do and just “Let it be”. 

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Men – Read this!

I saw one of my friends today and he said he heard I started a blog and he asked me if it is just for women.  I told him absolutely not!!! He said his wife said it was mostly for women.  As I read over my posts, I can see where he may think that, but that is not my intention.  This blog is for everyone.  So, here’s one for the boys.  By the way, “Let’s hear it for the boys!”  (Are you thinking of Footloose right now?)

Here’s what I want to say to men.  You are not your wallet.  Your self worth is not based on your income and your bank account.  You matter.  You are important and special and gosh darnit, people like you! 

My husband is a stock broker.  This is not easy.  (For him or me.)  These last couple years have been a roller coaster of emotion.  We have known many in the business (and in other lines of work) that have lost their jobs or had a heart attack or become sick because of stress.  The very sad truth is that we have known some men who have committed suicide because of the financial stress.  This, to me, is the ultimate sadness.  It is heart breaking. 

Here’s what I believe has happened.  Our sons are born and we love them.  They are pure and good and light and love.  Then we teach them (with all good intentions) that they have to be the smartest, the strongest, the toughest, and this is the most important —wait for it—the best at every sport they try.  If they are not these things, they are losers. 

Now, I know a lot of you women out there are saying, “That’s not what I did, I nurtured my son, I honored his tears.”  Even if you did, or tried to, your son got the message above.  He saw who ruled the playground, who was captain of the team, who got into the good school, who got the girls.  There is a pecking order and men struggle their whole lives to get to the top. 

Some women do this too but for the most part, women are taught that competition is bad.  Our role is to be “nice”.  We play small to fit in.  Men are taught to compete, to fight, to win.  When they lose they are taught to “take it like a man”.  I’ll admit, just tonight while a bunch of kids were playing soccer, my son was crying and I told him to “man up” or he can’t play.  (That was not my best parenting moment.)

And now, I want to take it back.  I want to tell my son, I’m sorry if I have perpetuated the ambition mentality in your life.  I accept you fully for who you are and I look forward to watching God’s plan unfold in your life.  I will honor you and your tears and your fears.  I will celebrate you.  (Oh my goodness, I sound like Dr. Phil but I mean it!)

And men, here it is…a note from women to you (ladies, I’ve taken the liberty of speaking for you).  This message must be heard LOUD and CLEAR.  You are NOT YOUR WALLET.  You are a vital part of our lives and this world and we love you.  We do not mind if we have to move to a smaller house or a different neighborhood or if we have to cut back on some material things.  YOU are most important.  YOU… meaning your heart and your soul and your mind.  Your love for us is what we want, not your money.  PLEASE do not miss this point.  We can live without things…we do not want to live without you.  You have been sold a bill of goods.  You have been sold a lie.  It is not important what you do, it is important who you are.  Rest assured- you are more than your wallet. 

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

                                                                               -Phillipians 4:12-13