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I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to call this Blog.  I was thinking about calling it “Enough”.  As in…I  have enough.  I am enough.  You are enough… “enough already!”  But then I realized that some of us, probably all of us at one time or another do not feel like we have enough.  We don’t believe we are enough.  We are still running an old script in our heads that says we may never be enough.  We do not have an abundance mentality… resources seem scarce and we are afraid we have run out.

You know how you spend your whole life looking for what’s going to make you “happy”…you look everywhere, church, school, people.  Suddenly, I feel like singing that Indigo Girls song, “I went to the Doctor, I went to the Mountain, I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain”. (Click the link under this post -closer to fine-to take you back to the ’90s…I’ve been rocking out remembering my college days!)  Anyway, it’s true, we search and search the world over and some of us feel like we never find “it” but the reality is, “it” was in us all the time. 

I believe “it” is not something to be found.  It is something to be AWAKENED.  So, with this Blog, I invite you to join me in an AWAKENING.  I hope to AWAKEN the spirit within me and you and all of us collectively so we can stop spending our time and resources frantically searching and instead, we can start changing the world. 

 Are you in?

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Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.  In church, they did something special and had a mother stand up and say a few words about mothers.  It prompted me to imagine what I would say if I was asked to speak about mothers. 

I would say I’ve known many great mothers.  I have been blessed greatly by own mother.  She is positive, kind, giving, encouraging, loving, and helpful.  She has a great spirit, she loves God and people, she shows up, she hugs, she laughs, she’s reliable.  She brightens a room and knows what to say and feels deeply and is loyal and trustworthy.  She continues to be an amazing example of love. 

Besides my own mom, I have known many other mothers.  I’ve known many women who are strong, courageous, determined and intelligent.  Women who won’t take no for an answer and won’t accept “I can’t” from a child.  These women hold other women up with their wisdom and understanding.  Some of these women (you know who you are) have rescued me from the abyss of self doubt.  These are women who get things done, who smile when they want to cry, who make a meal, lend a hand, and listen for hours.  These mothers love their husbands, appreciate their kids and pray to God.  These women tell me it’s normal to have a pre-teen slam a door in your face and that the rejection will one day replaced by gratitude.  Women who understand IEPs and speech and OT and PT and can recommend Doctors and after all of that, will bring you a cup of coffee and just LISTEN.  These women nod their head in understanding and offer a glass of wine, a good book, and some chocolate.

These women are present, aware, interested and interesting.  These women are willing to learn, to grow, to share.  These women are grown ups who are not perfect and aren’t trying to be.  These women accept their own imperfections and embrace yours and they understand their own strengths and they celebrate yours. These women look into your eyes and see your heart and root for you.   These are women who grace the world we live in with POWER, women who ENCOURAGE and ACCEPT not only all children, but ALL WOMEN.  Women who know life isn’t perfect but they love it anyway.  Women who show up, laugh, love deeply and make my life so much richer.  Thank you for being one of these women. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Say “YES!”

As in “YES!”   I’m open, I’m ready, I trust, I believe, I have faith. Saying yes is being open to possibilities, to adventure, to light, to goodness, to taking the first step, to change, to digging deep, to trying new things.  Yes to God, to creation, to yoga, to people, to love, to the universe, to the moment.  Say Yes to the invitation, to the new book, to the new job, the new friend, the new idea, the old friends, family, the journey. 

 I love this poem called The Invitation  and part of it says…” I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “Yes!”” Meaning, no matter what got you to this place; now, in the moment, you can trust again and have the faith to say “yes!” Because “yes” is acceptance and joy and confidence and trust.  People that say yes are open to encouraging others, doing what needs to be done, learning more, accepting, moving on, growing, and using their gifts. 

 What do you think?  ….yes?