The Measuring Stick

It’s Day 9 of 30 Days of Thanks.

I’m grateful for Ann Voskamp.  All of her writing is absolutely beautiful.   I’m especially grateful for this post from her blog.  Please take time to click it – it’s worth it.

I’m so grateful for women who lift other women up.

We are enough. Let’s put the sticks down.




4 thoughts on “The Measuring Stick

  1. Mom

    This is lovely, the mother, the daughter, the message and the music. Thank you Sue for the daily dose of blessings. Mom

  2. Sara

    Sometimes we bring out that stick even though we know its wrong and we don’t want to be that kind of parent, without even realizing it!

    Wow! Time for me to put that stick away for good!

    Let’s let our girls (and boys) live their life without any comparison!


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