Do you believe me?

Do you believe me?  Do you know that you embody the divine?  Do you think God is in you?  Have you ever been told that you were created in love for love by a creator that will always love you?  (That’s a LOT of love!) If you have never been told that, let me have the honor of being the first one to tell you that it’s true.  YOU ARE LOVED!

 We all came from the same place.  I mean, we all have different backgrounds and upbringings but we all have the same SOURCE.  We all come from an eternal, all knowing, loving creator. 

 I remember when I learned the words, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT and OMNIPRESENT…All knowing and all powerful and always present.  I don’t know about you but I feel relieved knowing that God is all of those things.  That means I don’t have to be. (As if I ever could be!)

 Last night I went out with some friends for a birthday celebration.  My husband asked me which train we were taking home and did I need him to pick me up at the train, etc. (he’s a planner).  I said, I don’t know, (my responsible friend) made the plans and I haven’t worried about it because I fully trust her to have it all figured out for me.  When we got there, (my responsible friend) had not checked the schedule, did not make reservations, and had no idea what time we were coming home.  She said she decided to just “go with the flow”.  I said, “What!?!? That’s my role, not yours!” 

 It makes you think…in a bigger sense, can I just show up?  Do I need to check on all the details?  Can I afford to just “go with the flow”?  Who is in charge here?  Will it all be okay?

 The answer is “YES!” (I like to say that word as much as I can)  It’s true that sometimes you need to plan and you always need to pay attention but ultimately, you are not in charge.  You are not omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent (I’m sorry to inform you) but your creator is and yes, it will all be okay.

Are you still in?

Are you still in?  Do you believe me?  Are you thinking, “Maybe she’s got “it” but I don’t even know what “it” is?” 

Let’s talk about “it”.  What makes you happy?  I don’t actually mean happy because I think happiness is temporary.  What brings you JOY?  What gets your heart racing and your blood pumping?  Let’s not focus on what gives you anxiety and sends you into panic, but what gets your “motor running”?  What wakes you up in the morning?  (I mean besides the kids, the job, the laundry, the groceries and possibly the third installment of the Twilight series)?  What FIRE is burning in you? 

Stay with me…we’ll get there slowly but those are the kinds of questions we’ll want to explore.  NOT, what do you want to do but WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

A wonderful woman in our community passed away recently.  I did not know her but I heard many beautiful things about her.  People said she loved her family, was an accomplished and beloved nurse practitioner, she had a strong faith, was a good friend and wife and mother.  The thing that really stuck with me was that a friend told me she WALKED THE WALK.  She lived with intention and authenticity.  She GLOWED. 

I believe she awakened to the spirit within her and recognized that spirit all around her.  She GLOWED because she embodied the DIVINE. 

You do too.  It’s true.  Let’s get glowing.


I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to call this Blog.  I was thinking about calling it “Enough”.  As in…I  have enough.  I am enough.  You are enough… “enough already!”  But then I realized that some of us, probably all of us at one time or another do not feel like we have enough.  We don’t believe we are enough.  We are still running an old script in our heads that says we may never be enough.  We do not have an abundance mentality… resources seem scarce and we are afraid we have run out.

You know how you spend your whole life looking for what’s going to make you “happy”…you look everywhere, church, school, people.  Suddenly, I feel like singing that Indigo Girls song, “I went to the Doctor, I went to the Mountain, I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain”. (Click the link under this post -closer to fine-to take you back to the ’90s…I’ve been rocking out remembering my college days!)  Anyway, it’s true, we search and search the world over and some of us feel like we never find “it” but the reality is, “it” was in us all the time. 

I believe “it” is not something to be found.  It is something to be AWAKENED.  So, with this Blog, I invite you to join me in an AWAKENING.  I hope to AWAKEN the spirit within me and you and all of us collectively so we can stop spending our time and resources frantically searching and instead, we can start changing the world. 

 Are you in?

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