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Waiting is a Verb

A wise friend told me the truth yesterday.

She said I might have to just wait.

Then she told me that “waiting” is a verb.

I asked God to show me what He means by waiting.  Actually, I asked Google to show me what God says about waiting.  Google and God gave me this.



I cried.

Yes! Yes! That’s what I want.  I want to stop gritting my teeth and experience the glory-strength of God.

I want my life…all of it…even the waiting…to spill over into joy. I want to experience everything bright and beautiful that God has for me.

Lord, help us to go easy in the waiting…remind us that waiting is “doing something” if we surrender it to you…remind me that surrender is not giving up.

My yoga teacher said the other day, “When you surrender, you join the winning team”.

Yes Lord. Victory is mine. Maybe not right this minute but it’s coming.

Thank you.

© 2016 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big Yes™



30 days of Gratitude

It’s November.  The month of Thanksgiving.  One day is not enough to celebrate all of the things we are thankful for so I’ve decided it’s the Month of Gratitude for Great Big Yes!

I will be posting about gratitude.

I would love for you to join me in the comments here and/or join the conversation on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram – click on icons in upper right hand corner to connect.

What are you grateful for?

Even though it rained on Halloween, I looked out my car window into my backyard and I saw this.  It made me pause and thank God for the colors of fall.

fall colors

Halloween is not always my favorite day because it can be stressful but I’d like to say right now, in my sugar buzzed state, that looking back over the years,  I feel blessed.

I’m grateful for all the years of Halloweens with my kids.  All the costumes and parades and class parties and sticky fingers and sugar meltdowns and trick or treating and pulling wagons and pushing strollers and seeing friends and parties on porches and bonfires and pizza and hot dogs and chili and cold beers and hot chocolate and jack-o-lanterns and spiders and homemade costumes and pumpkin patches and apple orchards and power rangers.

I’m grateful for the year when my daughters dressed as Bob the Builder and Pikachu and my husband asked, “Doesn’t anyone want to be a fairy princess?”  (And the next year he got this!)


I’m grateful for the neighborhood and the way we feel safe and the way the kids roam and the excitement and all the chatter about which houses hand out “full size candy bars”.  I’m grateful to see these kids growing up.  Not just mine but yours too and all of ours.  I’m grateful that I get to see all of this action.  It feels like a movie, with the colors and the laughter and the abundance of candy.

I’ve been blessed to have had a front row seat to this revelry and it has been a great show.

I am grateful.


©2013 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big YES™  All Rights Reserved

Rub that tummy!

Do you ever feel the spirit moving you to do something?

Maybe you feel the NEED to write a letter to someone or to call a friend.  Maybe you feel you absolutely have to go running or go for a walk or pray. Sometimes we need to see someone – we say, “I need to see you” or we show up at their house unannounced just to lay eyes on them. 

I’m sure we’ve all felt the need to laugh or to clap.  Maybe you’ve felt the need to shout “Amen!”

When I was in Hawaii, I felt the need to do tree pose.  No joke.

All you yogis out there are feeling me.  It’s true, sometimes, you have to do tree.

Here’s the picture.


Look who was watching.

Seriously…so cool.  It was called Buddha point…of course I had to do tree pose.  Every time I went near Buddha point, someone was doing something.  There were a lot of meditators and a lot of pictures being taken. 

There were other Buddha statues all around the resort.  I took a picture of another one that also prompted everyone to action. 


Look at Buddha’s tummy.  It’s literally rubbed off because of all of the people that feel the NEED to rub it when they see it. 

What moves you to do something? 

As a Christian, all these Buddha statues got me thinking…what do we have in Christianity that is so moving even people of other faiths would recognize it and be prompted to DO SOMETHING? 

We have the Cross.   The cross is a sign of forgiveness and love and sacrifice and saving Grace.  I suppose we should feel the need to fall at the foot of it and weep with gratitude.  But do we? 

Catholics have statues of Mary and rosaries and icons and endless art dedicated to telling the story of the Catholic faith. In many countries and at certain times of the year, these icons do elicit tears and weeping and shouting and kissing. 

I have a picture of Jesus on my bulletin board that I absolutely love.  He is laughing.  On the back of it, it says, “Smile, Jesus loves you!”.  Every time I look at that picture I smile. 

What do you have in your faith tradition that gives you pause?  What do you see and you can’t help but react whether with a laugh, a clap, a bow, a smile, a prayer or a pose? 

I want to know…what MOVES you?