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Happy New Year! New Podcast with my friend, Chidimma, theTYPEAhippie

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited for 2017! I hope you are too! I challenge you to think about your “YES”. What is it? My friend asks, “What gets you up in the morning?” and my answer to that is God and “Thank you God!” but what I want to ask is, “Are you living a life you love?”.  If not, why not?  Can you spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord, “What more do you have for me Lord?” and think about your gifts and your passions and what makes you feel alive and awakened.  God has a special plan for you.  A “calling” that is unique to you with your experiences, your desires, your talents, your resources, your connections…YOU and only you can fulfill this particular calling. Some of us may be thinking, “Who, me?” YES, YOU!! My hope and prayer is that we can all live lives we love.  That we can all celebrate and say thank you together for a world (including us) that is awakened to the possibilities of all of us living lives of passion and purpose. YES? AMEN?


“But friends, you’re not in the dark, so how could you be taken off guard by any of this? You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others.” – Thessalonians 5:4-5

It’s Tuesday so here is our first podcast of the year!

I’m speaking with my friend, Chidimma Ozor, about all the amazing work she is doing.  She is a yoga teacher, essential oils enthusiast, blogger, podcaster, and all around cool chick. She and I talk about everything and this podcast is kind of funny because we started recording after we had been talking for awhile.  You will feel like you are entering into the middle of a conversation and we are all over the map! I hope you enjoy.  My desire is to have these podcasts feel like you are a fly on the wall, listening into conversations between friends who are sharing their dreams and desires and celebrating how God is working in their lives. Here are all the ways to keep in touch with Chi and what she has going on:

Website: www.thetypeahippie.com
IG: @thetypeahippie
IG: @aroma.flow
FB: www.facebook.com/thetypeahippie
FB: www.facebook.com/joyfullivingwithessentialoils
ACT | Aroma Compassion Therapy…coming soon!


The Balcony

Okay, so you know I love “the spiritual experience”.  I say it this way because I really try to be open to all spiritual experiences.  I love church, I love yoga, I love song, I love prayer, I love nature, I love love…you get my point. 

I’m a big believer that many, many things are holy and if we open our eyes and hearts, we will see God everywhere and in everyone.  

My mom told me a story about her mother, my grandma.  My grandma was beautiful.  I mean really exquisite.  She was what you would call, “lovely”.  She held herself with grace and dignity.  She was intelligent and musical and spoke different languages.  My mom claims she was “ahead of her time”. 

The story is that one time my grandma went to visit a different church because she wanted to hear the music.  She didn’t have the same music at her church and she wanted to experience a different form of prayer and worship.  She really loved it.  She was in the front row of the balcony and she was singing and dancing and waving her arms with the crowd.  She was so moved by the spirit, she was completely in the moment.  She was having a great time (maybe a little too great) and she accidentally flung herself over the balcony!  (No worries, she was okay!) 

My mom told me this the other day and we were hysterically laughing.  How rare it is that we let ourselves be completely engrossed in the experience.   Picturing her at that church with her hands in the air, singing and praising and dancing is such a beautiful image. 

She tried something different.  She wanted to experience God in a different way.  She was not there to watch or to judge or to measure.  She was there to participate.  She was alive. 

I’m not saying we have to fling ourselves over any balconies to prove that we are spiritual but doesn’t the dancing and singing sound fun?

How are you participating?           

You create your own reality

You create your own reality.

I tell my kids this.  I tell myself this.  I believe this.

John Milton said, “The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven”

We hear stories of people in prison reading and learning and growing and loving and changing. 

We know people in our own lives who are stuck in the prisons of their own minds. 

It’s not what’s outside of you that determines who you are.  It’s what’s inside of you.  It’s your soul, your essence, your core self.  This never changes.  The true you is from God, created out of love and full of light.  If you know your soul, if you are intimate with your truest self, if you recognize the spirit in you, you are not frightened by the possibility of change in the outside world. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself.  I have to remember that what’s going on “out there” which is often anger, resentment, fear and bad decision making…does not determine my life.  It may determine my circumstances for a period of time but it does not change my soul. 

Melissa Etheridge has a great song called, “I run for life”.  I listen to it when I’m running and it never fails to give me chills and make me teary.  It’s about breast cancer.  She says, “They cut into my skin, and they cut into my body but they will never get a piece of my soul.”  There’s power in owning your true self.  Then, even sickness cannot get you. 

See, that’s the thing.  You control who gets your soul.  If you give it to God, abundance and truth grow.  My friend has a saying, “I’m not available to carry your resentment.”  (Fill in the blank…I’m not available to carry your anger, your sadness, your victimization, your self-pity, etc.) You control the true you.  The true you is untouchable by the world. 

God holds your soul and He is not changed by who is in the white house or what country you live in or how much money you have.  Your truth is love and light and peace.  Embrace who you are. 

When your mind starts confusing your heaven with hell, tell it to stop. Tell it to back down and be quiet because your soul is stronger and brighter and more alive.  Be vigilant. Pray. Remember who you really are.