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Don Draper: A Hot Mess


I love Mad Men.

Last night’s season finale was brilliant. (Spoiler alert!)

Don Draper is flawed and he can be mean and he’s a cheater and he’s an alcoholic and he can be cold and manipulative and selfish.  In other words, he’s human.

And in his humanity, he can also be giving and kind and charismatic and loving and generous.  He can be fun and romantic and he’s incredibly charming and sexy.

He’s broken.  Just like the rest of us.

I can get overly excited about TV and movies and books and characters that people just make up in their heads that aren’t real.  Some of you may never go down this road and wonder why is she talking about Don Draper like he’s a real person?

I believe art is an expression of life.  I am inspired when people write authentic characters and dialogue.  When we watch good television like Mad Men, it is like a mirror into our own lives…our own light and our own very real (sometimes not recognized or acknowledged) darkness.

I loved last night’s episode because things are starting to change as Don is starting to change.  It’s time.  He can’t keep running.  He is awakening.

He finally told his story of his childhood in a whorehouse and his longing for love.  Although it was during a business meeting and his boss told him he “shit the bed” in there and it got him fired, I believe it was the first step on his road to freedom. Many people will distance themselves from truth tellers because they don’t want to have to face their own truths.  Don wasn’t supported by his peers because they are not ready to look into the mess of their own lives. Don is going to face this alone.  (Of course, God is with him but since he just went to jail for punching a preacher, I’m not sure that he’s “down with that” right now.) It will be messy but he is going to have to do the hard work of facing his demons.

We are only as sick as our secrets.

See, God encourages us to CHARGE THE DARKNESS.  To boldly declare what is on our hearts.  To admit where we have failed, to share our struggles, to ask for what we need and to bring all things into the light. We’ve all got stuff.  That’s part of life, figuring out our stuff and shining a lot of light on all of it.  Accepting and moving on. This is our journey.

When we do this, we will be free.

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And we do not stand alone in this.  God will stand with us.  Proud of us.  Watching and protecting and saying, “YES…put it out there…you are safe with me…you are free.”

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. – Ephesians 5:11

Some may think Don blew it last night.  I think he took the first step on the road to saving himself.

At the end when he stood with his kids and showed them the house where he grew up,  I said out loud, “Good for you!”

I want to see Don face his demons.  I want to see him charge the darkness of his past because then I know he is on the road to wholeness.  Wholeness is what I want for me and what I want for all the people I love.

blog robin smith

Who knows what will happen?  I will continue to watch because I believe Don is in the middle of a transformation, I believe that he is coming into the light and into freedom and that’s really exciting.  And, plus…I kind of love him.

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Be Brave

I have been reading momastery.com for a long time now – following Glennon from blogger mom in her yoga pants at home with a small following to super duper star on the Today show out promoting her fancy new book.  I’m so happy for her and excited for her! Not only because I’m a blogger in my yoga pants at home who would love to be on the Today show but because she is BRAVE.

I like to celebrate brave women. So I went to meet her to tell her “thank you” for being brave and for helping me to be brave too. It was fun.  It made me feel more courageous.  It made me want to write more and laugh more and mostly, it made me want to “be me” more.

sue and glennon

I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of women in the room, every single one of them has a story.  Their story is beautiful and scary and sad and funny and hopeful.  Every woman has something to teach and something to write and something to share.  And the beautiful thing is that when we (if we) open up and actually share as our true selves…we make other women braver.  Words and women are so powerful.

The book is Carry On, Warrior Thoughts on Life Unarmed and I have an extra copy.  I’m hoping to share this copy with all of you.  I mentioned this to her, I told her I wanted to give the copy to someone and then that someone passes to someone else, etc.  She loved this and her sister (love sister!) said “Oh, like the sisterhood of the traveling pants!” and I said, “Yes but not… because pants can be dirty and stinky and that’s kind of gross”.  We all laughed.  Glennon signed it for us.  For you.  Who wants it?  Comment if you want it and I will send it to the first person.  After you read it, you can put your name on the page opposite of where Glennon signed.  Then you pass it on (to a friend, mom, sister, neighbor) and the next person does that same thing.  Also, whoever reads it can email me or comment on blog or facebook me that you are reading it maybe with a comment about it.  Does this sound fun?  We can instagram pictures too…like this:

chair pose

But you don’t have to stand on chairs.  You don’t even have to take a picture.  There is no pressure… do whatever brings you joy.  This book will bring you joy.  And tears.  And it will inspire you to be brave.

Because I think the world needs more brave women.  Mothers and sisters and daughters and friends who are living authentic lives.  Women who can listen and “get it” and maybe even offer up a “me too”.  Because to hear “you are not alone”, “it’s okay”, “I get it”…those words are life lines.  Those words can save.  Those words are like salve for weary souls.

Thank you Glennon for being brave.  And thanks to all those other women out there being brave too – telling their stories and holding space for all of us to tell ours. This is important because it’s true…women and words are so powerful.



©2013 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big Yes™ All Rights Reserved
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