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We all have one source.

We all have the same source.  God made you. God made me.

However, we have many resources.  He uses many resources to get us in touch with our one Source.

Are you with me?

Here’s the thing.  There is not one way to know God.  There is not one way to find God.  There is not one way to worship God.  Yet, there is still only one God. 

Let’s not mix up “Source” with “Resource”.  For example, prayer is a resource, God is the source.  Yoga is a resource, God is the source.  The Bible is  a resource, God is the source.  Rituals are a resource, God is the source.  Church is a resource.  You get my point. 

Let’s not confuse what we do to worship God with God.  When we do that, we think our way is the only way.  When we think our Church is God, we are wrong.  God is God.  God is our source.  The church is our resource. 

How cool to know that I have all of these resources…I went walking in the fall and was awed by the trees and the leaves and the beauty of fall.  Nature is a beautiful resource.  It’s an illustration of God’s handiwork.  However, we don’t worship it.  We enjoy it, we find God through it and then we thank Him for it. 

I’m looking forward to being open to all of the resources He will make available to me.  I plan to use them all.  It’s like an all you can eat buffet…something for everyone, an embarrassment of riches…plenty.

The Balcony

Okay, so you know I love “the spiritual experience”.  I say it this way because I really try to be open to all spiritual experiences.  I love church, I love yoga, I love song, I love prayer, I love nature, I love love…you get my point. 

I’m a big believer that many, many things are holy and if we open our eyes and hearts, we will see God everywhere and in everyone.  

My mom told me a story about her mother, my grandma.  My grandma was beautiful.  I mean really exquisite.  She was what you would call, “lovely”.  She held herself with grace and dignity.  She was intelligent and musical and spoke different languages.  My mom claims she was “ahead of her time”. 

The story is that one time my grandma went to visit a different church because she wanted to hear the music.  She didn’t have the same music at her church and she wanted to experience a different form of prayer and worship.  She really loved it.  She was in the front row of the balcony and she was singing and dancing and waving her arms with the crowd.  She was so moved by the spirit, she was completely in the moment.  She was having a great time (maybe a little too great) and she accidentally flung herself over the balcony!  (No worries, she was okay!) 

My mom told me this the other day and we were hysterically laughing.  How rare it is that we let ourselves be completely engrossed in the experience.   Picturing her at that church with her hands in the air, singing and praising and dancing is such a beautiful image. 

She tried something different.  She wanted to experience God in a different way.  She was not there to watch or to judge or to measure.  She was there to participate.  She was alive. 

I’m not saying we have to fling ourselves over any balconies to prove that we are spiritual but doesn’t the dancing and singing sound fun?

How are you participating?