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Podcast 17 – Josh Phillips, Anxiety and Marriage


You guys!! I’m so grateful to Josh Phillips for sharing his story! Josh is married to Rachel Phillips who was on the last Great Big Yes podcast (#16) sharing her experience with anxiety. Josh tells us what it’s like to be married to a woman who suffers from anxiety, how it affects the relationship and how God has helped him learn and grow through their 16 years of marriage. Listen in! You don’t want to miss his side of the story!

Can we all just take a moment and thank the men in our lives who have loved us well?

He talks about what it’s like to not understand what your wife needs, to mess up and need to grow and learn. He is vulnerable and transparent about his experience.  Share with the men in your life who may need this.  If they love someone with anxiety, they are not alone and there is hope.

Josh is also an American Ninja Warrior! Woop!   I shared a video on the last post and here are a couple more just for fun!



BOOM! I finished the Whole30!



Yep. It’s done.

I did it.

I didn’t cheat once. Not a lick, not a taste, not a sip of off-limits food.

I’ve never felt so accomplished.  Honestly, college, jobs, motherhood, races, triathlons, yoga certification, career, speaking to groups, starting a business, writing, teaching, studying, learning, blogging, growing, parenting…who cares about any of it…the fact that I could go 30 days with no sugar and no gluten and all the other stuff I said no to…Y’all…it’s darn near a miracle.

Here’s what I know now.

When you eat sugar, you want more sugar. Just say no.  #tamethesugardragon

You have a clearer mind when you eat healthy and drink never.

Habits are hard to break but not impossible.

You are in control of what you eat.

You may hear the Lord talk to you in this battle with food. You pray, “Lord, please make a huge gusty wind blow these chips out of my hand” and you hear Him say back to you…”Just put them down beloved.” It’s a convicting experience.

Sleep more and lose the snark.

Cream in coffee is overrated.

Sweet potatoes are my best friend.

It is not that hard to buy real food and cook it.

If you get the #tigerblood, you will need to buy new running bras.  The ones from 1999 aren’t cutting it. Also, it doesn’t look good if you are running with your hands over your boobs.

I survived movies with no popcorn, a meal out at a restaurant without an appetizer, a boat ride without a beer,  TV watching without Twizzlers/M&Ms, Starbucks without cream, and a McDonald’s drive thru without ordering a Diet Coke (Iced tea is okay! Unsweetened).

It can be done.

So, day 31 came and I planned to go out to eat Mexican food with the family.  I really wanted tortilla chips.  They were just fine. Not great. So I had a few, ordered a salad and decided maybe all the things I want aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Maybe the thing we think we can’t live without will just be “eh” when we get it.

Maybe all of this is just an exercise in figuring out what is “worth it”.

Turns out, I am. Worth it.

So are you.

medicine food

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Forever and Ever…Amen?

It’s my anniversary.  19 years.

Here we are on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.

ferris wheel

I thought it was appropriate because marriage is like a ride. Scary. Unpredictable. Exhilarating. There are ups and downs. It’s fun. Often exhausting. Sometimes leaving us with messy hair and feeling like we are going to puke.

After 19 years, I can say my favorite part of marriage is the stuff no one sees.  The early mornings with our coffee and our dreams.  The talking (mostly me) and the listening (mostly him) and the knowing that he gets me.  The friendship and the coziness of it.  The laughing at things no one else would understand.  Talking about our kids and reassuring each other that it’s going to be okay. The building something together that is messy and complicated and perfectly imperfect.  Something that is ours.  Something sacred.

I heard a woman on the radio say that marriage is one of the tools God uses to make us more Holy.

I decided I agree.

Not Holy like perfect.  Because that’s not possible.  But Holy as in able to offer grace and love unconditionally.  Marriage makes us more holy because it takes prayer and commitment and truth and forgiveness to make it work.  And all that stuff is so holy.

Think about what we need to make a marriage work!

Love. Faith. Trust. Commitment. Hope. Truth. Forgiveness. Humility. Grace. Patience. Wisdom. Compromise. Sacrifice. Acceptance.

That’s a tall order.  So we pray for those things and we board the ride.  Sometimes closing our eyes feeling anxiety and other times laughing with our arms in the air.  The ride demands things of us and we change and we learn and we grow. And then when we have a moment to catch our breath, we look back with wonder and awe and gratitude.

As far as the “great big yes” moments of life, getting married is one of the biggest.  I’m not sure I knew what I was doing at 25 when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that I was clueless…but I said “yes” and that has made all the difference.

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