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What do your books say about you?

They say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

But can you judge someone by what books they read? (More on that in a minute.)

We found the house we want. I love everything about it. I just got a feeling, you know?

I didn’t even open a drawer and I knew it was for me. It just felt right. I could see my family there.

I know some people don’t do anything until they check every little nook and cranny, consider everything that could possibly go wrong and then think, think and think some more before making a decision. That is one way of doing it.  Also, that may be considered the “better” way by some.

Well, that is not me.

I walked in and said, “Let’s make an offer.”

I guess I was judging the house by it’s entry way. Is that the same as judging a book by it’s cover?

I don’t know. It’s just how I do things. Call it intuition, call it the Holy Spirit…it has worked for me.

Since my husband wasn’t there when I decided we were buying it, we had to go back and see it this weekend. We lingered. Sat on couches. Stood at the sink in the kitchen. I even opened a drawer. We walked around the yard, the pool, the garage. Everything just solidified my initial reaction. This feels like home.

But nothing more than this.

We went into the office which is lined with bookshelves. They were full which I love because books make me feel safe and comfortable and I need to have space for them. I walked up close to see what books were on the shelves. I got goosebumps. I took a picture.





Does this really tell us anything you ask?

I think it does.

First of all, THE BIBLE. not one. Two. Just on this shelf. To me, this says we love Jesus. You know how people have scrapbooks telling the story of their lives?  Well, to me, the people that have the Bible out in their home are saying, “This is our story…this is who we are.”

Second of all, the Air Force Academy books.  Military. Patriots. To me, this says they are trustworthy, disciplined, honorable, people of their word.  Interestingly, we bought our first house in Western Springs from a military man…a Naval aviator.  That was the right decision too.

And the dictionary.  Words.  Old school. Traditional.  I have to admit I’m a little skeptical of people who read everything on the Kindle or the ipad.  I mean, don’t you want to hold the book…don’t you want to feel it and smell it? (It’s true. I smell books. My friends I used to work with would look at me like I was nuts but I need the whole sensory experience.)

Having said all of that, I’m also in the habit of googling definitions and spellings so I contradict myself.  But the dictionary made me think of my Dad, a different age, a slower pace.

All of this made me think of my Dad.  A Marine, a lifelong Catholic, a man of words and a man of his word.

It was like he was there, encouraging me, nodding yes.

I’m telling y’all…I found my home.

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It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.
~ Albus Dumbledore

Quoting Dumbledore is new to me.    Until a couple months ago, I couldn’t have even told you who Dumbledore was. I just had a Harry Potter marathon with my kids. Actually, I’m still in the midst of it.   It won’t be over until we’ve seen them all!  Of course, I love Dumbledore and I love this quote.  

Sometimes in life, we stand at a crossroads.  We have to make a decision.  We are deciding our course, we are showing our character, we are becoming ourselves.  Sometimes it’s dramatic and a big choice and other times it’s in our everyday interactions.  Either way, our choices matter.

How do we know what choice to make?

I remember once someone told me, “When your values are clear, your decisions are easy.”  So, I guess we should think about our values.  What do we value?  It’s not often that you would sit down to think about what you value but let’s do that…think of 5 things you value.  Let’s not list people, the lists would be too long and let’s just assume we all value all people.

Some examples for me would be my faith, my marriage, my children, integrity, kindness, love. 

It’s interesting.  I’d like to ask the young people of this era what they value.  I wonder what their answers would look like.  I think we spend a lot of time encouraging kids to accomplish things and to work on their abilities and we don’t always sit with them and encourage them to make good choices.  We talk about what they are good at (their abilities) and how many camps they are going to and who they are hanging around with but do we talk with them about their choices?  Do they know that ultimately they will not be defined by if they were on traveling basketball or not?  Do they know that they will be defined by their choices?  Are they prepared?

The other day I was teaching fourth graders about the Holy Spirit.  This is not an easy concept to teach.  I asked for a volunteer to tell me about the Holy Spirit and this adorable girl told me that it is “God inside of us, helping us and guiding us.”  Amen!

We talked about how you can’t see the Holy Spirit but you can feel it.  We talked about consulting God through prayer and scripture and quiet stillness.  We talked about looking at our lives and our choices through the lens of faith. 

My hope is that we can hear that voice of God inside of us…that we can be aware enough to access that divine guidance. 

Who knows when we will have to make a decision that will change the course of our lives?  

Who knows which decisions will matter the most?

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.
-John Kabat-Zinn