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Filling up and Pouring Out

fill up and pour out I haven’t written in awhile and I miss it.

It’s like a muscle.  If it hasn’t been used, it starts to forget.

I posted a blog entry yesterday and I forgot all the usual steps.  I forgot to post on Facebook and I forgot to do some other administrative things that I won’t bore you with.  I realize these things don’t have to do with the actual writing but that was difficult too.  It felt a little stilted, forced…I was rusty. This reminded me that we need to use our muscles.

Anthony Robbins says we can change our state of mind just by doing something physical.  Amen to that! He runs around on stage and pounds his chest and shouts.  I love him.  What he says is SO TRUE! This is why Yoga is so powerful.  We use our bodies to open our hearts and minds.  In Holy Yoga, this creates more space for God.  Our bodies aren’t separate from our minds and our souls…they are all connected.

This is no news to you of course.  Mind, body, soul.  Move it or lose it.  You get it.

Writing is pouring out.  I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been filling up. You have to fill up before you can pour out.

Here’s how I fill up…Let’s consider this the carbo loading phase…Read God’s word…watch Super Soul Sunday…connect with my husband…practice Holy Yoga…go to the beach…spend unrushed, unscheduled, unpressured time with my kids…read books…laugh with friends…eat chips and salsa…sit in the sun for hours…ride a bike.

This ride a bike part is crucial.  It makes me feel like a kid again…free with unlimited possibilities.

So, feeling full and free and a little bloated and sunburned…I was chillin, just kind of lazing around except for the 30 times I day I was checking Instagram and Facebook.  (You know, to help me “fill up”) and my husband came to me telling me about an “aha” moment he had from A BOOK.  From A WRITER.  He was moved.  He was transformed.  He had new eyes.

Writing is life giving…for the writer and for the reader.

I started moving and my muscle memory started to kick in.   I moved off the couch…My fingers started typing and my heart opened…I was pouring out.

It felt good.  I hadn’t written in awhile and I missed it.

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