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Day 30: The End is the Beginning



It’s day 30 of 30 days of thanks. This is my final post of this series.  I will be going back to posting once a week.  To your inbox I say…you’re welcome.

I have appreciated you being along for the ride and I have loved reading your 30 days of thanks too!

Although at times I have found posting something every day to be quite a challenge, I gained some insights this month.

Sometimes I think we “pretend” our faith.  Sometimes I think we pray like we think we should or we “thank” like we think we should, using fancy words and proper English.  Very hoity-toity ish.  We think long and hard about our blessings and we write profound things and it feels like we are turning in a school paper.  I do that sometimes here on the blog.  I will read over something I wrote and I’ll think, “Who is that weird, fancy, formal person?” So this month, I tried to just be real and write about fun things or silly things that actually happen in my life.  I don’t think God wants us to be fancy, He just wants us to be real.

Some things we have in our lives are profound and important and holy and sacred.  Actually, as I wrote about the silly and the every day things that bring me joy, I realized it’s all sacred.

Gratitude itself is sacred – it keeps us in everyday conversation and friendship with God.  And that friendship is what I give thanks for every day, no matter what month it is!

I will magnify him with thanksgiving. -Psalm 69:30

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The Measuring Stick

It’s Day 9 of 30 Days of Thanks.

I’m grateful for Ann Voskamp.  All of her writing is absolutely beautiful.   I’m especially grateful for this post from her blog.  Please take time to click it – it’s worth it.


I’m so grateful for women who lift other women up.

We are enough. Let’s put the sticks down.