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Happy New Year! New Podcast with my friend, Chidimma, theTYPEAhippie

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited for 2017! I hope you are too! I challenge you to think about your “YES”. What is it? My friend asks, “What gets you up in the morning?” and my answer to that is God and “Thank you God!” but what I want to ask is, “Are you living a life you love?”.  If not, why not?  Can you spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord, “What more do you have for me Lord?” and think about your gifts and your passions and what makes you feel alive and awakened.  God has a special plan for you.  A “calling” that is unique to you with your experiences, your desires, your talents, your resources, your connections…YOU and only you can fulfill this particular calling. Some of us may be thinking, “Who, me?” YES, YOU!! My hope and prayer is that we can all live lives we love.  That we can all celebrate and say thank you together for a world (including us) that is awakened to the possibilities of all of us living lives of passion and purpose. YES? AMEN?


“But friends, you’re not in the dark, so how could you be taken off guard by any of this? You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others.” – Thessalonians 5:4-5

It’s Tuesday so here is our first podcast of the year!

I’m speaking with my friend, Chidimma Ozor, about all the amazing work she is doing.  She is a yoga teacher, essential oils enthusiast, blogger, podcaster, and all around cool chick. She and I talk about everything and this podcast is kind of funny because we started recording after we had been talking for awhile.  You will feel like you are entering into the middle of a conversation and we are all over the map! I hope you enjoy.  My desire is to have these podcasts feel like you are a fly on the wall, listening into conversations between friends who are sharing their dreams and desires and celebrating how God is working in their lives. Here are all the ways to keep in touch with Chi and what she has going on:

Website: www.thetypeahippie.com
IG: @thetypeahippie
IG: @aroma.flow
FB: www.facebook.com/thetypeahippie
FB: www.facebook.com/joyfullivingwithessentialoils
ACT | Aroma Compassion Therapy…coming soon!


Are you Willing?

lead me



Or no?

Do we really want to say this? Do we really believe this? Because I just got moved to Austin. I say, “got moved” because that is how it feels. I feel God’s hand moving me. And my family. And my dog. And now I’m searching for a place to board the dog so we can go “home” to visit.

When will we stop calling it “home”?

Maybe it’s not a physical move.  Maybe God’s moving you internally.  Personally. Maybe relationally.

One of our big prayers at Holy Yoga is, “God, show me me.”  When we pray this, we have to be ready, right? I mean, who knows what He will show us? We can be sure that what He reveals, He will heal. So we enter in, unafraid.


Not so right.

It’s really scary to be revealed. We spend most of our lives trying to hide. Even in our bravado or our need to be relevant and fabulous…even when we are “out there” with our bold selves, even then…it’s sorta fake right?

We learn what is appropriate to reveal, we learn what society sees as acceptable weakness…we show the world our sometimes false humility as we admit our shortcomings…the ones we know aren’t “so bad” and then we pat ourselves on the back for being humble.  We stop there because going deeper is not polite and people are like, “keep that stuff to yourself” and “TMI” and we look around going…this is all just really fake and weird and my mask is starting to hurt…so we turn to God and ask Him, “What’s the deal here?” and He starts to show us…us.

The shallow, fake kind of revealing is not what God does.  It’s not the kind of unveiling that happens when we ask God…our creator…the One who knows every hair on our head…the only One who understands our every thought, need, whim, fault, sin…when we ask Him for revelation, it is SCARY.

And not.

Because He never leaves.

You know how with people, you can ask for truth and then become so defensive, you decide to sever the relationship?  It’s easier to walk away from the relationship than to face the truth.  So we leave.  And others leave.  Because it’s just too messy to stay.

God’s not like that.

He stays, waits, reveals, peels the layers back gently, speaks Truth, holds us, loves us, stays in the mess so He can save us from ourselves. He makes the scary safe.

In Yoga, there is so much that comes up for people because they are in a space of really listening and bringing awareness to their bodies and their minds and souls.  This is terrifying for some people because honestly, they may not be ready to be revealed or healed.  That’s why many people run from yoga.  They say they don’t sweat enough or they need more cardio or it’s not enough of a work out or they can’t be still that long or they are “bored”.  Sometimes those things are true and they should just go for a run.  Other times, I believe a lot of these arguments come from an unwillingness to go deep.  A fear of revelation of self.  The best thing about Holy Yoga is that when revelation of self comes, we have a Savior that guides us through it.  We don’t need to just “give it up” to the “universe”, we have a mighty conquering all powerful God who can take it.  He says, “Here it is…take a look…now give it back to me…I’ve got strong shoulders…I can handle it.”

We can lay it down friends. That’s why it’s no longer scary…We are not alone.

He initiates change in us.  Once he grabs ahold of our hearts, we can’t stay the same.  It’s not possible.

My friend, Clare, sent me this song when I found out I was moving and it just resonated with me so much.

(I want to share with you and found this video but it goes a little long for my tastes. If you need to cut it short, 3:00 is a good spot to end it.) 


Sometimes we don’t even know where we are going or what is happening but we know we are being called to something new…internally and sometimes externally…He is calling us to move.

Where is He leading you?

Will you go?

©2014 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big Yes™, All Rights Reserved

More Love

I think there are seasons in life.

Right now, we are in “new dog” season.

Meet Gus.


Here’s what I think.  Gus has created more love in our family.

We opened our hearts and we got more – more love, more laughter, more fun, more awareness, more time together huddled around him, new purpose, more smiles.

I think sometimes we feel like we are going to lose something when we open our hearts.  We feel like we will lose our security or our time or our ability to control everything.

All of that is true actually, we do lose those things but what we gain is so much more.

More love.

Here are the things that I am grateful for today.  The look on my teenage daughter’s face when Gus runs to her after school.  The laughter of my kid’s friends as they play fetch with Gus.  My husband calling from work to ask about Gus and how he’s doing today. The softness and quietness that comes from holding him on my lap.  The way he forces me to slow down. The pitter patter of his feet behind me.  The way he looks running in the leaves.  Someone to talk to who won’t talk back and is never sassy.  Someone who is always happy to see us.  Wet kisses and a wagging tail.  Unconditional love.

Yes, I have to pick up poop with a little baggy.  Yes, he smells like a wet dog when it rains because… he’s a wet dog.  I’m starting to think our house may smell a little of wet dog.  Yes, he peed on the floor more than once yesterday.  Yes, my house is a mess (because I’m spending all my time cuddling the dog).  Yes, it’s cold outside when we go for walks in the early morning.

But I don’t even care about any of that.

I’ve got more love to keep me warm.

I am grateful for Gus.

©2013 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big YES™  All Rights Reserved