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It’s your life

Do you remember the Nike ads from the 80’s?

You can see why I love this one!  YES!!!

I have many saved in my “journal/scrapbook/collection of all things” from when I was a teenager.  I used to pour over magazines and rip out what I thought was inspiring or pretty or interesting and I’d put it all together in these big art books.  I still have them and Nike ads are pouring out of them. 

The ads are about much more than working out.  They are about embracing life and pursuing your dreams and celebrating yourself.  They challenge us to get up off the couch and create the life we want. 

Not your life according to other people, your life according to you.

Not the life we inherited, the life we want. 

Not the life I give in and settle for, the life I fight for, the life I create because I want it and because I can and because I refuse to settle.

 Here’s a recent posting I saw on the internet.

I remember seeing a sign when I was younger that said, “Be patient with me.  God isn’t finished with me yet.”  I believe that is still true.  God isn’t finished with me yet.  Or you.  Or any of us. 

Go ahead, get out there, do it.  Your life is waiting…start creating.

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