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Lead with your heart

I love the TV show, “Bethanny Ever After”.  Really…no joke, I love it, set the DVR for it each week, love her! I know you are thinking, “Wow, Sue watches a lot of reality tv.”  I do it for you.  It’s research.  I watch.  I report.  I try to make sense of the current state of television.  When I’m lucky, I find inspiration and I share it.

I really want Bethanny to succeed.  She has been wildly successful with the “SkinnyGirl” brand but personal fulfillment continues to elude her.  I find this fascinating.   I must watch.

I’m bringing this up because I was really inspired by something her therapist said.  His name is Dr. Amador and he’s amazing.  He told her…and I quote…. “You are living in enemy territory…you are stuck between your ears.”

Isn’t that brilliant?


When we are in conflict, when we are in pain, we are living in our minds.  Our mind can bring us so much sadness and anger and jealousy.

What should Bethanny do?

What should we do?

What can we do?

We can follow our hearts.

Think about it.  When you want to do something that you know in your heart is right and you hesitate for a minute to think about it, you often change your mind.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you feel in your heart that you should call someone and apologize.  You have been feeling an urge to reach out (hello holy spirit!) and you are about to make the call.  Then out of nowhere, your mind gets involved and breaks into your loving thoughts of reconciliation.  Your mind says, “Why would you do that?”  or “You aren’t at fault, he’s a jerk” or “everyone will take advantage of you if you say you are sorry” or “why does it always have to be you?” or “she doesn’t deserve it.”  You get the point.  The list goes on and on.  All the excuses about why you shouldn’t do the right thing.

We rationalize.  Then we regret.

When we listen to our heads sometimes we end up breaking our own hearts.  Because our heart knows better.  Our heart encourages us to reconcile, forgive, love, be kind, understand.

Often we think of the enemy as someone or something outside of ourselves.  Sometimes it is.  Other times, the enemy is much closer and much scarier.

Get out of enemy territory.  Get out of your head.  Follow your heart.  It knows the way.

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