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For the Love – It’s Time!



Every once in a while a book comes along that INSPIRES.  Jen Hatmaker’s new book, “For the Love” does just that.

This book is for all my friends who are leaders.  That is EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU.

Mothers, daughters, sons, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, friends.  You are champions.

Young, old. Single, married, divorced, separated, dating. You are loved.

I’ve seen you do your thing…teaching, writing, preaching, speaking, lawyering, doctoring, hugging, laughing.  You can be a boss in the boardroom and make a mean cupcake for the class party.

You are hand holders and snot wipers.  You offer a shoulder to cry on and a seat at the table.  You laugh freely and love deeply. You offer your heart.

You know things…like how to make a 10 year old boy roll on the floor laughing and how to recognize when your teenage daughter has been slighted by a friend.

You push the swing and swing on the swing and swing the bat. You are comfortable in fancy shoes and cleats and muddy bare feet. Your mission field is the neighborhood, the workplace, the bus, the yoga studio, the coffee shop.

This book is for you.

You know it is more important to be kind than it is to be right. You know when to compromise. You walk through life with open palms, not clenched fists. You understand that vulnerability is a strength. You know the first one to say sorry actually wins.



We see you in churches and neighborhoods and schools and walking paths and breakfast diners. We see you in the stock market and the business school and the interview. We know you are behind the camera and in front of the camera and you are the camera. You have vision and depth and soul. You create art. You draw people in.

You are on mission. Today. Where you are.

This book is for you.

You have been offered grace. By God, parents, teachers, coaches, friends, many people in your past. Grace is your lifeline and you have been saved. You reach out to offer that grace to others and so others seek you…other grace givers …humble servants and truth tellers.

The older you get you recognize your gifts. You don’t minimize yourself or your talents. You no longer want to sit on the sidelines. You don’t want to read about what others are doing…you want to go to battle. You don’t fear what will happen if you fail, you look forward to what will happen when you succeed. You show up. You are ready to do the deep work. You are free.


for the love free


This book is for you if sometimes you feel not worthy. You wonder, “Have I done enough?” …”What is my calling?”…”Who am I?”  Jen addresses all of this. She also addresses the church with chapters like, “Dear Church…” and “Dear Christians, Please Stop being so Crappy…” 

This book is for you if sometimes you find yourself wondering if you your family is too crazy (NO), If it really is too difficult for you to crack an egg (NO), if Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez get their beauty supplies at Walgreen’s (NO) and if you should wear yoga pants outside of the house with no shirt covering your bottom. (FOR THE LOVE…NO!) Jen covers all of this beautifully. She’s got your back.

There are recipes and thank you notes and lots of personal anecdotes. She includes Scripture and always leads you back to love and truth and Jesus.


jesus ftl


You will love her for her honesty. She becomes your best friend, mentor, teacher, preacher and coach. She tells you it will be okay and you believe her. She holds a mirror up, tells you to take a good long look, assures you that you are beautiful and equipped and then says, “C’mon now, get going!”

This book is a movement.  This book matters. “For the Love” is a battle cry.

We are missionaries. In all the places we live and work and abide. For all the people we see, heal, touch, hear, comfort, teach, love.

Jen reminds us, “You are too vital to lose years to regret or shame or insecurity or fear. We are not slaves to those masters; Jesus saw to that.”

She encourages us, “Take all the hard parts-the failures, the losses, the wounds-and give them to Jesus for glory. He makes magic with those, I tell you.”


Let’s go make some magic, shall we?

©2015 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big Yes™, All Rights Reserved



I just attended a John Angotti concert at church.  It was awesome!  If you are interested, check out www.johnangotti.com. It was moving and inspirational and fun.  It was pure positive energy!

One of the most popular songs he has written is “I Send you out”.  The words say, “I send you out on a mission of love”.  He talked about the word mission and he likes to think it stands for:                      Moving In Spirit Seeing Into Other’s Needs.   Isn’t that great?

Often, we think of Missionaries as people that go to other countries to help people.  When I think of a Mission trip, I think of traveling far away to help people in need. 

What if we changed our thinking on that? 

Starting today, I’m going to think it’s a Mission trip every time I leave my house.  “C’mon kids, we’re going on a mission trip to the grocery store!”  I can see the eye rolling already!

But seriously…if we think of Mission as Moving In Spirit Seeing Into Other’s Needs, can’t that be done everywhere, all the time?  Aren’t we called to live our faith where we are? 

Many of us won’t have a chance to travel to a foreign country to serve others but we can do our work here.  We can Move in Spirit in our families, with our children and our spouses.  We don’t even have to leave home to do our mission work! We can Move in Spirit in our churches and our schools and with our volunteer work.  We can Move in Spirit when we greet others, smile at strangers, open the door for someone. 

Can’t we see other’s needs all the time?  We need to be aware of course but we can see if someone needs a helping hand or a ride somewhere or a compassionate ear.  We can lend our shoulder to cry on.  We can send a joke to a friend that needs a laugh or a send a card to say hello to an old friend.  We can turn to our families and tell them we love them.  We can say we are sorry. 

It will be fun! We’ll move in spirit all over!  Walgreen’s will never be the same! Can you imagine everyone truly aware, seeing into other’s needs?  And not only seeing into other’s needs but actually responding to them!

 Maybe there will be a far away mission trip in your future, but until then, practice here at home.  I have no doubt that God has placed all of us where we are, at this time, in this place, with these people, for a reason.  He knows there is work to be done and He has placed us here to do it.  Let’s not miss the opportunities we have before us. 

We can continue to think big (world peace, abolishing hunger, all people knowing God and feeling His embrace, LOVE everywhere!) but we can start today with our own little corner of the world. 

This reminds me of a quote I love by Barbara Bush.  She said, “The future of this country does not depend on what happens in the White House, it depends on what happens in your house.”  Smaller scale…huge impact on the future.  You make the difference.

Click here to listen to I Send You Out.  Enjoy!