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Big Change

Oh my gosh you guys.  I mean…y’all.  Big news over here.  We are moving to Texas!

austin heart

We’ve always lived in Illinois so this is a huge change.

Did you get my references to Big and Huge? They say everything is bigger in Texas.  So it’s a good thing I named this blog Great Big YES!

I actually feel like this is one of my biggest YES! moments. We are running toward something that feels really amazing. Stepping into what God is doing with trust and anticipation. It feels right. Exciting. Like God is up to something. Which of course He is.

There’s a lot to do. Which is why I’m writing in short, clipped, grammatically challenged sentences.

My friend said, “You know what you need to do first, right?” and I answered, “Yes, buy cowboy boots.”

That’s apparently not what she meant.

I wonder if other people are like me. When I have something big to do, I buy a planner and a binder and new college lined paper so I can get organized.

notebook photo

Is that weird?

A waste of time? Money?

It’s so pretty though, right?

It’s funny what we do to feel safe. To plan. To organize. It’s interesting what we think we “need”. I’ve realized I don’t need much. As long as I have Jesus and my family, I’m good. Wherever we are together, we are home.

My friend sent me this and I love it! It seems pretty appropriate right now. say yes

I’m looking forward to this dance.

I’ll be wearing my cowboy boots of course.


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Cowboy boot image and image of Texas from Pinterest.