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Go Placidly Amid the Noise and Haste

Many people ask me what kind of yoga I teach. They know it’s Holy Yoga and the intention is connecting with Jesus but what about the physical part?

Isn’t that like us? I do it too…there is this, “Yah, Yah but what kind of a work out am I getting?” We are more interested in calories burned and hardened abs and HOW QUICKLY CAN I LOSE 5 POUNDS???

We are rushed in life.  Why would it be any different in our workouts?

But here’s the thing…Yoga is not just a work out.  And Holy Yoga is certainly not just a work out.

A lovely woman came to my class for the first time last week and afterward said, “That was great, I worked out and went to church.”  I feel this way too after Holy Yoga and that’s why I love it but I can’t help but wonder…Am I multitasking my faith?

Faith can’t be rushed.  It grows and builds and we mature and God does a new thing in us but it takes time. We learn patience and trust.

In Matthew 11:28 we hear this from Jesus, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

God is not in a hurry.  But He is always right on time.

I remember reading the book, “The Hurried Child” when my kids were young and making a conscious effort to not hurry my kids, to not be in a hurry, to not rush around and panic.  Truth is, I failed miserably at times.  But there has always been an awareness in me, a longing for peace and calm.  I realized that I couldn’t get that on my own since the world was shouting, “HURRY UP YOU ARE LATE!” but I could get that peace and calm through my walk with Jesus.

When I feel anxious, I can physically feel panic and hurry in my heart and in my body and my mind now.  I recognize the signs. I feel overwhelmed and that is my cue to get with Jesus. Breathe. Move.  I can do all three of those things right here in my office or on a walk or in my living room.  My favorite way to get those three things together is to do Holy Yoga.

Not to push or force myself into a handstand or do something fancy that will look amazing on Instagram, but to get quiet and be with the Lord who is gentle and takes things slow.  The hardest part about surrendering to this gentleness is the way we treat ourselves.  We rush ourselves, pushing change and believing that transformation can and must happen overnight. We are not gentle with ourselves.  It all begins there really.

So when people ask me about the physical part of my Holy Yoga classes, I recognize they really want to know, I can’t dismiss it and say, “It’s not about that” even though it’s not.  I let them know that it’s not about performance, it’s about connecting with your body and your soul. It’s about appreciating the gift of your body.  It’s about opening your heart, accepting where you are and trusting.

Sounds a lot like our faith walk, huh?

I was inspired today by an article I read on Facebook.  In it, the author, J. Brown, says about Yoga, “Slower is Stronger” and “Gentle is the New Advanced”.  Here’s the link to the article if you are interested.  http://www.jbrownyoga.com/blog/2015/4/slow-yoga-revolution

I love this line:

People are discovering again that yoga is not necessarily something you do to yourself so much as something you do with yourself. -J. Brown

This whole thing…yoga…walking with Jesus…Life…it can seem overwhelming and we can feel behind and not enough.  We can feel like we need to hurry up or we will be left alone, we will be forgotten, we will be unhealthy and sick and weak.  Think about if a friend came to you and honestly poured out her heart and told you she feels all these things.  What would you do? You would encourage her and love her and tell her you are with her and she can do it.  Would you demand she throw away all the chocolate, run 5 miles today, mend all her relationships this hour and immediately confess all her sins?

No.  You would not.  You would be kind and understanding and compassionate toward her.  You would be gentle.

That’s a good place to start with yourself too.

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I just found saw this and had to share. So funny. No rush. Jesus. Breathe. Move. 🙂



Receiving and Giving


Three is the magic number.

My son asked me the other day why three is the magic number and I said  “Because of the trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”  The rest of my family came up with a bunch of other reasons so we decided it’s the magic number because Schoolhouse Rock said it is.   

I have three things I’m celebrating in the next couple weeks.

1. It’s my Birthday

2. It’s Easter

3. It’s my one year anniversary of becoming a Holy Yoga instructor

Now alone…each of these things is amazing and exciting.  But together…I mean…I’m giddy over here.  And also, it’s Spring and sunny and warm today and my kids (and me and the dog) will hopefully get out of the house.  Yay!

I am so grateful for all of the things on the list.  I want to do something special to celebrate!

What are we celebrating?  Let’s think about each of the things on the list above:

1.  The gift of LIFE

2. The gift of JESUS and His saving GRACE


So we are born, right?  And then we live and we struggle and we grow and we learn and somewhere along the way, someone tells us about God and Jesus and HOW MUCH WE ARE LOVED.  That we are His BELOVED. Which is incredible because we don’t have to do anything accept allow ourselves to BE – LOVED.  Which is the best news ever! And sometimes we remember and other times we toss it all aside and we make mistakes and we reject God and we doubt and we fear and we struggle.

And then, God willing, we get a “shot in the arm” when God brings us someone new, something different, a new way of seeing to renew our  faith and our hope and our dreams and our KNOWING HOW MUCH WE ARE LOVED.  He reminds us that we can BE-LOVED and He asks us to  open our hearts to Receive. He reignites our passion for goodness and truth and He shows us the way.  Again. And Again. And again.

Because it’s not a straight line…it’s curvy and bumpy and it has stop signs and detour signs and we get lost.  Sometimes we are good and happy and healthy and we are strolling along easily.  Other times, we get lonely, we get scared, we suffer, we get angry.  But He never leaves us.

And that my friends is a gift I can never repay.

Holy Yoga was a major “shot in the arm” for me last year.  Holy Yoga has reignited my passion to SHARE GOD’S GRACE AND LOVE WITH OTHERS.  I have no idea what that looks like because I don’t know the way.  But Jesus is the way so I’ve decided I will just follow Him.

I am currently in Holy Yoga Leadership training and I am beyond excited to see what great plans God has for this ministry.  Hundreds of people are being trained to share the Gospel with the world through the vehicle of yoga.

The Gospel.  Shared with the World.  Through Holy Yoga.


So, to celebrate, I have three ideas I’d like to share with you.

1.  For the next two weeks, I will be donating all of my class proceeds to the Holy Yoga ministry.  This money will help with the costs of ongoing training and leadership development of Holy Yoga instructors.  Please come to a Class!  The cost is $10.  If you have been wanting to experience Holy Yoga, now is the time.  All are welcome! Even if you have never experienced yoga before, please join us!

2. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry.  If you would like to donate and you can’t come to class, you can visit www.holyyoga.net:  Go to the DONATE tab.  In notes please include: T3 FUNDRAISING, Instructor name: Sue Bidstrup.  (Holy Yoga is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations qualify as a charitable tax deductible contribution.)

3. Please PRAY for Holy Yoga! The mission of Holy Yoga is to spread the truth of God’s Word and God’s love throughout the entire world. We are a global ministry based on the truth that there is no boundary to what God can do. We believe that He wants Holy Yoga to minister to every tongue, every nation, and every tribe.  We appreciate your prayers.

Thank you! I really hope to see you at class in the next couple weeks.  The schedule is here on the blog under the Holy Yoga Class Schedule tab.   Let’s celebrate together!

Have a blessed Holy Week!


Go With The Flow

As many of you know, I have been training to be a Holy Yoga instructor.  I am so excited about this.  Next week is our retreat.  I signed up for the training in the spring and started the class on September 6th.  The retreat has been on my mind for months.  The retreat is the culmination of all the hard work and preparation.  The retreat is where it all comes together.  We (90 women?) practice together for 6 days.

The preparation has included weekly phone calls…webinars…prayer partners.  We read five different books along with the binder filled with Holy Yoga information and of course, the Bible.  I watched 4 DVDs and practiced on the mat 3 times a week at least.

I have prepared my family.  Kid’s schedule on the refrigerator, plans have been made.  Lunch food bought and stocked.  Rides arranged…Halloween under control…costumes, plans, rides, schedules…check.

Bags are packed, new yoga pants, new yoga mat…toes are a pretty red…a fall red…pedicure pretty and ready for the mat.

Heart is open, ready…awake…primed for change and growth and transformation.  Mind is ready to embrace the ideas and the laughter and the wisdom and the grace of the women who will teach and learn with me.

Body is ready.  Not as ready as I’d like it to be but it bends and it flexes and my heart opens and my breath is strong.  I’m not the “playing weight” I’d like to be but I don’t think we ever are…regardless of who we are…it’s a burden we carry as women.  I have worked to lay that burden down and accept with gratitude the way my knees bend and my shoulders carry and my back is strong.  I have learned about the spine…the crown to tail alignment…the beauty of the primary line.  My body is ready.

My spirit is ready too.  It’s ready to  share and open and learn and accept and pray.

Last night I was ready, mind, body, soul, heart…ready.

This morning my flight was cancelled.

There is no way to get to my Holy Yoga retreat.  It’s not going to happen.  Hurricane Sandy is too strong, too scary, too powerful.  People are evacuating, flights are cancelled, there is no going there.  Am I supposed to go into the “eye of the storm”?

I thought of the irony, the political climate is so tense right now with the elections.  The place I was going is a ”battleground” state.  A bunch of women armed with Bibles, practicing yoga,  descending on a “battleground” state in the midst of a massive, powerful, scary storm seemed fitting.  It’s a beautiful image really…Let’s put on the “armor of God” and go in there and be strong, peaceful warriors preaching love and unity.

Yeah…cool image but not happening.  At least not now.  The battle will rage, the storm will rage and we will watch from a distance.  Suit of armor beside us ready for another time.  Or maybe we will wear it for the internal storm that is brewing…the internal storm of unrest, anger at not getting what we want, anxiety, disappointment.

But what about driving?  Renting a car?  The Greyhound bus?  Another airline?  Another airport?  I spent all morning clinging to hope and calling and looking up and connecting and waiting and grasping.  To no avail.  A friend called because her parents live on the East Coast and she told them I was going to drive there and they said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT”.  I kept checking and hoping and praying and planning and talking but I know it now…in my heart…I know it…I’m not going.  I can’t fix this with a phone call.  I can’t change this.  I have to accept it.

What I want is not happening.  What I worked for is not happening.  What I’ve planned for cannot happen now…maybe later but not now.

Is this a test?

I’ve been reading about Jesus and loving me some HOLY and some YOGA and feeling really strong in my faith.  I’ve been hearing about BOLD prayers and courageous faith and I’ve been embracing the need to see all things as sent from God and ordained and Holy.  There have been tears…Holy Spirit tears that have nourished me and cleansed me.  I’ve been working and practicing peace and acceptance and faith and ….TRUST.

But I don’t feel any of that right now.  I feel heartbroken.

I want it and it’s not going to happen.

I do think this, like all things must be from God.  He is trying to say something, to teach me something and I don’t know what it is.  I never fly alone.  I don’t go on trips by myself.  I don’t get trained in things.  I want this.  It’s different.  It’s for God’s glory for God’s sake!


I’m working on acceptance of what is and the master plan.  I can choose to be sad which I will choose for today.  But tomorrow, I will choose TRUST.  I will believe I was not supposed to fly out tomorrow.  I will TRUST that He still has great plans for me but this time, His plans are not my plans.  I will TRUST and I will say thank you.

Okay…here goes…I get it…stop trying to control…Here’s my prayer…my mantra for the week…

Lord, Thank you.  I trust you.  Go ahead…you lead…I’ll follow.

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