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Podcast 36: Jamie Ivey


I’m so excited to be talking to Jamie Ivey on this podcast!! She is the host of the podcast, “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” which is also based here in Austin.

There were so many things we could have talked about!  I really wanted to get the story from her about how she started in podcasting.  It turns out she won a contest to be a radio host! What??

It was fun to learn about her dream guest on her show and why she thinks it’s important to surround yourself with “dream defenders”.

Listen in to hear about her first book coming out soon!

You can find out more about Jamie at www.jamieivey.com 

Day 23: Radio!


I’m grateful for WMBI.  I love to listen to it in the car.

I learn so much stuff. I love the topics and the hosts of the shows and the people who call in.  I love the way it’s not super noisy or confusing or loaded with gimmicks.  It’s just nice talk radio.  It’s comforting.

I also like stations that play loud, rocking music and sometimes I turn up the radio and roll down the windows and sing at the top of my lungs.  I also like listening to The Showbiz Shelly smack down every morning on the JShow on B96 at 7:15.  I know a lot of useless celebrity and pop culture trivia so I’m pretty sure I could smack down Showbiz Shelly but I haven’t called in yet.  My daughter and I listen every morning on the way to school.

I like not feeling alone in the car even when you are alone in the car.  I like singing along to songs even when my kids tell me I’m embarrassing and I need to stop. singing. now.

I’m grateful for radio.  All of it.  For all the ways it entertains and inspires me.