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Day 23: Radio!


I’m grateful for WMBI.  I love to listen to it in the car.

I learn so much stuff. I love the topics and the hosts of the shows and the people who call in.  I love the way it’s not super noisy or confusing or loaded with gimmicks.  It’s just nice talk radio.  It’s comforting.

I also like stations that play loud, rocking music and sometimes I turn up the radio and roll down the windows and sing at the top of my lungs.  I also like listening to The Showbiz Shelly smack down every morning on the JShow on B96 at 7:15.  I know a lot of useless celebrity and pop culture trivia so I’m pretty sure I could smack down Showbiz Shelly but I haven’t called in yet.  My daughter and I listen every morning on the way to school.

I like not feeling alone in the car even when you are alone in the car.  I like singing along to songs even when my kids tell me I’m embarrassing and I need to stop. singing. now.

I’m grateful for radio.  All of it.  For all the ways it entertains and inspires me.