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Share Your Prayer

Natalie and Jack

I have spent a lot of time over the years praying for my kids.  I don’t think there is any little corner of their lives that I have not covered in prayer.  That is, until something else comes up.  My kids are getting older and as they do, my prayers become different.  All the usuals apply of course, I pray for their health and their protection and their happiness.  But I pray more specific prayers now.

I recently asked a friend to pray for my daughter.  She not only said she would but she emailed me the prayer she was praying for her.  As I sat at my computer screen crying and thanking God for friends who get it…I was struck again by the power of prayer.

We pray because we cannot possibly do this on our own.

We pray because we need God’s power and grace.

We pray because sometimes just putting it out there, releases the tight grip it has on our heart and mind. 

We pray because we don’t know what else to do.

I have been blessed to have many friends (and my mom) with whom I can share my worries and concerns and what I’ve realized lately is that we all have a lot of worries and concerns.

A lot of these things we wrestle with are often not appropriate to talk about at dinner parties and happy hours.  These are private things.  Often we feel we should not share, we are embarrassed,  we don’t want to break our child’s trust – all of that is valid.  But if we don’t get it out, we suffer.

I was talking to my friend, Kate, yesterday…sharing some of my worries with her.  After we hung up, she called back and said, “I think we should write a book – a book about the REAL prayers moms say for their kids.”

So that’s what we are doing.  We want it to be the REAL prayers moms say for their kids, not the polite prayers we think we should be saying.

Honest. Authentic. Vulnerable prayers. Prayers that we say in the middle of the night when we can’t sleep because we are so worried.  What is your prayer for your child?

We are going to collect them and put them together in some form.  I say “some form” because a book is expensive and takes a long time and we need an agent and although that would be amazing, it’s really about the prayers and we are interested in getting this prayer wagon rolling immediately.

We are doing this so we can build a community of moms – a community where we will all feel less alone.  Here’s the thing…everyone has something going on that worries them.  Someone may see your prayer and thank God that they are not alone.  They may realize for the first time that other people are going through similar things.  Imagine all moms feeling less alone.  Incredible.

Here’s how it works.  Send your prayers.  I will not include names in anything.    The whole thing will be anonymous.  Send to or comment on the blog.  I will not “publish” the comment or any names (no one will see who it came from) but I will include it in our compilation of prayers.

We will not edit the prayers.  We are looking for raw unedited prayers.  Please don’t feel like you need to be polite.  Just be you…talking to God.  Some of you may be hesitant to send your honest prayers but in order to be truth tellers and soul sharers, we are going to need courage to speak from our hearts.  I know this can be difficult but we need each other.  We need you.

Not only will we see that others may be struggling with the same thing, but we will be able to pray for them too!  Oh my gosh, the power of this!  Can you imagine!  All of us praying together for each other’s kids!?!?  And for each other?!??

So cool.  Let’s do it.

Please send your prayers.

pray without ceasing

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The Power to Bless

I saw my friend Mary the other day.

Her head was shaved and I asked her why.

She said her daughter has cancer and is losing her hair.  She is upset about it so Mary shaved her head so her daughter wouldn’t feel alone.

Her daughter said she knew her mom loved her, she just didn’t know she loved her this much.

But we do, don’t we?

No matter the age or the situation, we love them that much.

Mary knows it’s just hair.  She had the wisdom to know that her presence and her sacrifice and her solidarity with her daughter is so much more important than her hair.  Mary knows she has power.  She has power to make someone feel less alone.  And she used that power to bring blessing.

Every little girl wants to know someone loves them wholly, fully, truly, forever and ever.  Every girl and woman wants to know that promises are real and love is everlasting.  We want to know we are understood.  We want assurance that someone in the world really gets us.

Mary did that for her daughter.  She sealed the mother thing.  After years of mothering and caring and giving, she continued to use her power to love.   By shaving her head, she said this, “I am your mom and I love you and I am always with you.  When you are in pain, I am in pain.  I only want joy and health and goodness for you.   I never want you to feel alone.  I would do anything for you.  Since the day you were born, I have prayed for your health and happiness and for God to richly bless you in all ways.  I will never stop praying and loving and being there for you.  I will never stop.”

Today I thank God for the gift of Mary and all women who are using their power to bring blessing.

I’m excited to be linking up to Emily at her blog Chatting at the Sky.  Each Tuesday during December, she has invited people to share stories and celebrate the gifts of everyday life.  She’s calling it “Tuesdays Unwrapped” and here’s the link http://www.chattingatthesky.com.  Enjoy!

I’d love to hear what gifts you are unwrapping today!

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

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“Watch me!”

We have been at the pool a lot lately. My son loves to go off the diving boards. He spends hours alternating between the low dive and the high dive. Each time he gets on the board, he looks over to me and gives me the thumbs up. When I give him the thumbs up, he’ll proceed. If I’m not watching, he will wait or yell, “Hey mom, are you watching?” This is why I haven’t been reding much this summer. I carry my big book to the pool but I’ve been on the same page for weeks.

My son’s longing to have me watch him is similar to the way we all want to be seen. How cool to have someone always watching and cheering you on. Wouldn’t it be great if before we took a leap in life, we could look over to God and have Him give us the thumbs up?  We all want reassurance that what we are doing is right and good for us. 

I was in a seminar once and the speaker said her mom hung a picture of Jesus in every room to remind her that He was always watching her.  She claims her mom did this to scare her.  She said it like, “He’s ALWAYS watching…” As in, “Don’t try to get away with anything because even if I don’t see you, Jesus sees everything”.  This woman was really traumatized by this and felt very afraid of Jesus.  She said she couldn’t accept the Eucharist as a child because she was so afraid of Jesus.  She was taught that he was a judgmental, punishing God.  She was taught to fear. 

How different would that message have been if she was told this…”Jesus is always watching you.  He is everywhere you are and he loves you so much, He can’t take His eyes off of you.  He is cheering for you, He is giving you the thumbs up, He is with you always.  He is your protection, your comfort, your assurance.  He is your friend.” 

Much better, eh? 

It’s all in the perspective.  It’s all in the way we look at it. 

As a parent, I know how important it is for my kids to see me there, on the side of the pool, paying attention, giving the thumbs up, clapping, congratulating, cheering.   I realize they are building their perceptions of life based on what they are experiencing. 

The diving board is really a metaphor for life.  When we are going to take a “leap” in life, what has our experience shown us? 

Am I being encouraged?  Are people rooting for me?  Am I good enough?  Am I brave enough?  Am I supported? 

What has your experience shown you?  Are you going to jump off that board or not?

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