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Day 8! 30 days of Thanks! Join us!

phil 4

We talked about fear and worry today in Bible study.

I’m thankful for Bible study.

I’m thankful for transparency and truth.

I’m thankful for God’s Word that reminds me that fear and worry aren’t part of God’s agenda.

Fear and worry are the old thing.  Jesus is doing a new thing.

I am following into that new thing with trust and thanksgiving.

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30 days of Gratitude

It’s November.  The month of Thanksgiving.  One day is not enough to celebrate all of the things we are thankful for so I’ve decided it’s the Month of Gratitude for Great Big Yes!

I will be posting about gratitude.

I would love for you to join me in the comments here and/or join the conversation on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram – click on icons in upper right hand corner to connect.

What are you grateful for?

Even though it rained on Halloween, I looked out my car window into my backyard and I saw this.  It made me pause and thank God for the colors of fall.

fall colors

Halloween is not always my favorite day because it can be stressful but I’d like to say right now, in my sugar buzzed state, that looking back over the years,  I feel blessed.

I’m grateful for all the years of Halloweens with my kids.  All the costumes and parades and class parties and sticky fingers and sugar meltdowns and trick or treating and pulling wagons and pushing strollers and seeing friends and parties on porches and bonfires and pizza and hot dogs and chili and cold beers and hot chocolate and jack-o-lanterns and spiders and homemade costumes and pumpkin patches and apple orchards and power rangers.

I’m grateful for the year when my daughters dressed as Bob the Builder and Pikachu and my husband asked, “Doesn’t anyone want to be a fairy princess?”  (And the next year he got this!)


I’m grateful for the neighborhood and the way we feel safe and the way the kids roam and the excitement and all the chatter about which houses hand out “full size candy bars”.  I’m grateful to see these kids growing up.  Not just mine but yours too and all of ours.  I’m grateful that I get to see all of this action.  It feels like a movie, with the colors and the laughter and the abundance of candy.

I’ve been blessed to have had a front row seat to this revelry and it has been a great show.

I am grateful.


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On all days…in all ways…thank you

Lord, I’m thinking of my kids today and I want to thank you for the small stuff.

For the way they smelled as babies. For the way it felt to hold them while they slept…for their tiny hands and feet and for their vulnerability and their trust.

Thank you for being there when I brought my oldest daughter home and had no idea what to do.  For the way we muddled through together, making it up as we went along, knowing that love and some food and some rest would sustain us.  Thanks for the time to linger and just stare at her in wonder and awe.

Thank you for bath times and bed times.  Thank you for books and for snuggling and for laughing and reading together.  Thank you for a peaceful home and healthy bodies. Thank you for the soap you write with on the bathroom wall and for fluffy towels with hoods.

Thank you for the times when you stayed up with me as I stared into the cribs watching their chests rise and fall and praying the next breath would come.  Thank you for sitting with me in the darkness.

Thank you for the messiness and the chaos and the fun.  Thank you for the moments when I knew it was more important to let them eat ice cream than it was to have a clean house.

Thank you for slip and slides and bowling and movies and cookies.   Thank you for birthday cake and parties and silly games.  Thank you for swings and rocks and sand.  Thank you for Happy Meals and Disney World and goldfish and the zoo.  Thank you for sprinklers and picnics.  Thank you for ballet and those pretty dresses!

Thank you for the lazy days when we had nothing to do and nowhere to go so we would walk to the park.  Thank you for the people we met along the way.  Thank you for the times when we were bored and waiting.

Thank you for princess dresses and sippy cups.  Thank you for Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine and Legos.  Thank you for pizza and pancakes.  Thank you for art supplies and tie dye and pottery and friendship bracelets.  Thank you for baseball and football and bikes and scooters.

Thank you for books – picture books and chapter books.  Thanks for the kind you could chew on and the one that had the fuzzy dog.  Thank you for Junie B. Jones and Ramona and Hank Zipzer and the Magic School Bus.

Thank you for long nature walks and leaves scrunching under our feet.  Thank you for fluffy white snow and snowmen and sledding and hot chocolate.   Thank you for hot summer days and lemonade stands and garage sales.  For convertible rides and fireworks on the Fourth of July.  Thank you for the pool and the twirly slide and slurpees at 7-Eleven.

Thank you for little eyes that look up to me and little hearts that are open.  Thank you for the funny words kids say and the stories they tell.  Thank you for making them all so different and all so special.

Thank you for their resilience Lord and for their understanding.  Thank you for their acceptance of a mom who is not perfect, who struggles, who doesn’t like to clean or cook, who sometimes cries and gets her feelings hurt.  Thank you for putting it in their hearts to love and understand me.  Thank you for the times when they know to give me a hug or a smile or to say something funny.

Thank you for the past with these beautiful little people.  And thank you for the future, whatever that holds.  I’m hoping for more laughter and funny pictures and warm memories…more creating and dreaming and painting and getting dirty.  More time together.

See Lord, when I’m hurried and rushed and I say “Thank you, Amen”, I really mean all of these things and more.  The list is extensive.  I know you understand.  I think that’s why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s a day to take the time to thank you for the small things.  It’s the day we realize the small things are actually the big things.  The small things add up to be our life.  So next time I say, “Lord, thank you for all my blessings”, please know I really mean it…in all ways, on all days…thank you.


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