Holy Yoga

Holy-yoga-street-sue-bidstrupI discovered Yoga about 10 years ago when I had three small children at home.  I felt disconnected.  I was busy and running around and tending to the kids but I felt like I was in a daze.  I was always hurrying and I didn’t have time to connect to my inner self.  I didn’t have a way to recharge.  I would work out by running and that became another way to achieve, to hurry…I would be stressed and irritated if I didn’t “get my run in”.  I was getting farther and farther away from my true self and just doing and going and striving.  I felt lost.

When I discovered yoga, I felt like I had come home again.  I started yoga as a way to work out but realized quickly that yoga is actually about inner transformation.  On the mat, I could connect with the inner me, the real me.  It was a time of silence and meditation and centering.  Over time, I felt more balanced and my head cleared.  I was more aware and more connected to myself and others.  I was healthier inside and out.

Yoga combines breath, meditation and movement and all of these things work together to transform your mind, your body, and your soul.

When I was practicing yoga, I felt that I could connect to God more readily.  I had always been a Christian but my connection to Jesus had taken a back seat to the “busyness” of my life.  Prayer had become something on the “to do” list and my friendship with Jesus was suffering.  Yoga helped me with that. The breath and the movement allowed me to open myself up to God’s grace.  I felt young again…like a child.  The meditation part of yoga became for me a way to pray.  This changed my life.

When I heard about Holy Yoga I was so excited! It is perfect for me! It combines all the things I love – Jesus, yoga, music, prayer, scripture and community.  I was trained in Arizona in April of 2013.  This journey has transformed my walk with the Lord!

I’m excited to share this beautiful, life giving practice.  I hope you will join me on this amazing journey.  Holy Yoga is for you if you love Jesus.  Holy Yoga is for you if you don’t know Jesus.  Holy Yoga is for you if you love yoga.  Holy Yoga is for you if you have never done yoga.  Holy Yoga is for women, men and children…anyone who sincerely seeks balance and acceptance and grace in their life.   God’s grace is abundant in this ministry!  I look forward to practicing together!

Please contact me at  for information on yoga classes and how to book a private/semi-private/or group lesson with your friends or your church or your Bible Study group!

For more information about Holy Yoga in Austin, please visit www.suebidstrup.com where you will also find devotionals and Holy Yoga videos!

Holy Yoga Mission Statement

Holy Yoga is experiential worship specifically created to deepen your connection to Christ.  Our sole purpose is to combine world class yoga with a Christ honoring experience that offers an opportunity to believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect with God.  We do this by integrating His Word, prayer, worship and the physical practice of yoga to contemporary and Christian music.

Holy Yoga