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Podcast 21: Hope and Healing After Pornography Addiction – Tina Harris shares her story


It’s not easy to share our most personal, difficult struggles.  But that’s exactly what Tina Harris does here on the podcast.  She opens up about her marriage and her husband’s addiction to pornography.  Their story is one of faith and courage and hope and healing.  She shares her story at women’s conferences and has written a book, “Peace Beyond the Tears: Hope after Sexual Betrayal”. You can order her book at http://tinarharris.weebly.com.

Tina is a fierce friend and dedicated prayer warrior.  She is the mother of 6 beautiful daughters and has been married to her husband for 25 years! She is a Certified Christian Counselor and a Master Level Certified Yoga Therapist.

While this is not an easy topic, Tina hopes by sharing her story, other women will know they are not alone. We are so grateful to her for her willingness to share and to her husband for encouraging her to do so.  God is the God of restoration and healing and we get to witness His power and grace through their story!

Tina’s favorite Scripture is Psalm 30:11 “You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.”

If you have struggled in this area or you know someone who has, please encourage them to listen in.  If not, we hope that this conversation will give you insight and understanding for those who are affected by pornography addiction.

Please pray for Tina as she and two daughters head out on March 4th for a mission trip in the Dominican Republic.  You can find more information on her website listed above.


New podcast! My friend Danette shares her story of Addiction and Recovery

As you know, this blog and podcast is all about saying, “YES!”.  And sometimes that requires saying “no” first.  Often when God comes into our hearts, He shows us beliefs and habits that may no longer be serving us. We must say “no” to the strongholds in our life in order to make way for our “YES!” to the new thing God is doing in us and for us and with us.  My brave friend, Danette, has done that.  On the podcast she tells her story of addiction and recovery.  She is real and brave and strong. This is a story of freedom. I know you will be encouraged and inspired.

Thank you for sharing your story Danette!

“There is a beautiful transparency to honest disciples who never wear a false face and do not pretend to be anything but who they are.”
― Brennan Manning

The power of SHE and YOU and ME

OMG…This week has been CRAZY with inspiration.  I have SO MUCH to share with you!  People everywhere are doing amazing things!  God is doing amazing things!  Miracles are happening! This is how I feel…(shouting voice like Owen Meany)  LET’S ALL PUT OUR SOULS AND MINDS AND HEARTS AND RESOURCES TOGETHER!  LET’S ASK FOR GOD’S BLESSING AND GET MOVING TO HEAL OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER!  WE CAN DO IT.  GOD HAS CALLED US! IT WILL BE AWESOME! STOP DILLY DALLYING – WAKE UP AND GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

Since I can’t write about all of it at once, I will begin with an entry about a blog I found.  Oh my.  I had to share.  Enjoy.

I have a girl crush.

I found a blog that is the real deal.  Please read.  http://momastery.com/blog/about-glennon/

This woman/mom/writer/recoverer/believer is really amazing.

I’m excited for her (she got a book deal!) and a little jealous (she got a book deal!)  And I’m excited for me (it can happen!) and more motivated than ever (it can happen!)

But mostly, I’m rooting for her and I’m praising God for her and I’m totally blown away by how the internet can link our souls together.

Read her story.  She is recovering from some things and that is why she is so raw and real and authentic.

She is taking this soul sharing seriously.

When we share our souls, something really beautiful happens.  

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. 

-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that you are “only as sick as your secrets”.   Some people have had to deal with eating disorders or depression or abuse or addiction or bullying or fear or anxiety or OCD or ADHD or learning disabilities or just plain hard lives.  Some people haven’t had to deal with any of that but are unhappy and don’t know why.  Some people have recovered and relapsed and rehabbed and renewed and relapsed but they keep trying.  We are all recovering from something.

Or maybe we are all UNCOVERING something.

I see it this way…we are born and we are bright and beautiful and enthusiastic and naïve and trusting and free.  Then life happens.   Sometimes we wake up and say, “How did I get here?” and sometimes we wake up and say, “Thank God I woke up”.  Or we sleepwalk through life as if we are in a dream until something nightmarish happens and wakes us up.  It could be a death or an addiction or a crime or a betrayal or a bankruptcy or a fire or a disease or a natural disaster of epic proportions.

Sometimes none of those things happen.  Sometimes we have NONE of that.  Sometimes we have none of that and we know we should feel blessed and be perfect and always be bright but we are not because life is hard.  My mom said it like this, “Life is hard enough at best.”   This is so true.

The other day my friend was having a pity party out loud to me and it was okay.  I was listening and I was open but she was judging.  She was judging herself.  You know how it goes… “I know I should be grateful, other people have it so tough, I am so blessed”…yada, yada, yada.  I told her not to judge it.  Just say how she is feeling, get it off her chest and don’t judge it.  Be kind to yourself.  All those things about being blessed are true and I believe in optimism and gratitude, etc. But really, sometimes we need to be a friend to ourselves and just accept.  We need to say it like it is (and it isn’t always pretty) and we need to accept it and stop judging. ..first ourselves and then others.

Gosh, it’s so hard to keep up the facade of perfection.  It’s such a waste of time.  We have to know we are in a safe place to be real and to be flawed and to still be loved.  Who among us is not flawed?  How can we grow and learn and SHINE if we are not accepted, if we do not know that we are beautiful and whole and healed.  I’m here to tell you sisters (and brothers) – you are beautiful, you are whole and together (with God’s love and grace), we will be healed.

On that note, I’m SO glad we are in this together.  Be brave.  Be strong.  Be a soul sharer.  No matter what you’ve been through up to this point, here we are, together.  We need each other.  Recover.  Uncover.  Whatever.  Share and be healed.

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