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If These Walls Could Talk


If these walls could talk, what would they say?

Would they tell about the love? And the tears? and the growing pains?

Did they see when I was unsure and afraid and stepping out the door with trepidation?

Could they feel when I returned and sank deep into the comfort of home?

Do they know how much I needed this place?

Do they realize how it made me feel to call this home? Proud. Safe. Blessed.

Would they talk about the laughter and the silliness? What about the dancing and the music?

They couldn’t see it from the street but you could.

Did you see how the lamplight looked from the street? Did you see it and call it cozy?

Because inside it was. Cozy. Warm. Friendly. Kind.


It isn’t perfect. But that’s good because neither am I. We fit. With all our quirks, we held each other.

It embraced me. It soothed me.  It sheltered the people I love.

If these walls could talk, I think they would whisper blessings. I think they would tell me it’s okay to go now. It’s time.

They would hold my sacred secrets and wish me well.

Day 20: The Catholic Mass


massI went to a funeral today. 

It was beautiful.

I have to say, today…I’m thankful for the Catholic Mass.

Maybe it was because I was feeling emotional, maybe it was because I could actually see the priest, maybe it was because he was so genuine and engaged and passionate.  Whatever the reason, I sat there thinking the Mass is really beautiful.

The way the priest held up the body and blood of Christ and repeated the words that Jesus spoke, “Take this all of you and eat it, this is my body which has been given up for you…when the supper was ended he took the cup, again he gave thanks and praise, handing the cup to his disciples he said…” If you are Catholic, you are reading along with this and can continue to recite the whole thing.  It’s in our heads and in our hearts.

Sometimes, it’s just in our heads.

But today, it was in my heart.  I felt those words.  I felt Jesus saying them.  I felt that bread and wine being transformed.  I was there.  With him.  I felt his love.

I felt His love for me. I felt His love for my dear friend who lost her mom.  I felt His love for her mom.  I pictured her with Jesus at the table in heaven.  I felt Him loving all of us.  Sacrificing for all of us. Saving all of us.

The words we say at Mass aren’t just words.  They are real.  They are powerful. They transform.

So when we lose someone we love and we are sorrowful, we remember His promise that we will be with Him in heaven one day.  We remember the words from John 14:2-4,  “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  You know the way to the place where I am going.”

Can you feel those words?  Can you see that place?  

Can you feel that He goes before us and prepares the way?   

He does.

The Mass ended with “How Great Thou Art” which was amazing.  I found a version on line I had to share.

I hope you can feel it. 

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