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Okay…I’m going to explain the essential oil thing to you…in layman’s terms…



Christmas is coming so I’m thinking maybe you are looking for some gifts.  And maybe you have thought about essential oils.  Maybe you have been wanting to try them but have been utterly confused by all the information out there.  I know I was.  I thought about them for YEARS before buying some.  Then I bought some and THEY SAT FOR A LONG TIME before I did anything with them.  But now I have the time, energy and desire to DIVE IN!! And I want to help you!!

Let me explain.  There are several good essential oil companies.  You can read about them on line.  I decided to commit to doTerra.  You may want some detailed explanation about sourcing and purity and giving back.  I’m not going to give that to you because you can go to the website and read all about it.  I did and I like what I read and I’m on board.  But that’s not what you need me for.  You need me because the HOW TO can be confusing.  I’m your “how to” girl.

First, you do not have to sell oils if you want to use oils.

Here is my business page: https://www.mydoterra.com/suebidstrup/#/

Click on the link and browse around.  It’s fun!

If you want to order something, there are three ways you can get your oils through me:

  1. Order retail on my site. Just shop and pay. Done. Fill up those stockings. Easy peasy.
  2. If you want to pay WHOLESALE instead of retail, you can pay $35 to “join” (like a Costco membership) and then you can order what you want, when you want, at wholesale prices.
  3. If you want to pay WHOLESALE  and you want to share with friends and have your own business page and be able to help people get their own oils, then you should sign up to be a WELLNESS ADVOCATE.   You will need to order one of the enrollment kits (the price includes the $35 for this year but you will need to pay the $35 for the following years –  you will get a free oil that equals that amount so it’s a wash).

That’s it. Easy.

If you sign up as a wellness advocate and you never share or sign anyone else up, IT’S OKAY. You don’t have to sell anything!!! But you might want to! You will love the oils and you will want to share them and talk about them and post beautiful pictures about them because they are amazing! Also, the enrollment kits are great ways to start with oils because you get a bunch of the basic ones and lots of info on how to use them.

Does this help?

You can contact me through the business site:  https://www.mydoterra.com/suebidstrup/#/ or comment here or message me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SueBidstrupGreatbigyes/

I would love to talk to you about the oils and also help you get some Christmas presents!

I hope this helps break it down and I hope to talk to you more soon about essential oils! I will not pressure you to do anything or sell anything or swim around in a bath of frankincense. I will share with you what has worked for me and what I’m really excited about but I want to meet you where you are and help you get what you want.  If what you want is just one bottle of lemon oil then by all means, I will help you get it! The biggest thing I hope to do is provide you with some answers to your burning questions without you feeling like there is any pressure to “sign up” for anything. This will be like “Oils for dummies” except you’re not dumb.  So it will be “oils for the newbie” or maybe just “friends talking about oils and wellness”.  Yep. That’s it.  Yay! Can’t wait to share!




I Have No Gifts to Bring

wise men What do you think they said when they saw the star pointing the way to Jesus?

What do we say?

We say, “Who me? I am not ready! I have nothing to wear/bring/show!”

Jesus came as a newborn baby…the most vulnerable among us…small, humble.

He is saying to us, “Come as you are, don’t fuss, I just want your presence, just come and see me without expectation or presentation.”

This is our introduction to our Savior.  We want to be more for him, we want to bring gifts for Him and because we don’t feel prepared or worthy, we don’t show up.  But He keeps inviting us.  Again and again throughout his life and death and resurrection, he invites us.

The manger is the beginning, the first time we see Him, the first time we know that this is a different kind of king, that we can show up empty handed because He’s after our hearts.  We can show up with our hearts on display…messy, confused, sorry, hurting, joyful…all of us, He will take all of us. That’s our gift to Him…all of us.  Our hearts.

We can stand before the manger broken and naked and needy.  He has come for us.

And later, we can stand at the foot of the cross, broken and naked and needy as He dies for us.

He loves us that much.

No amount of not ready is going to keep Him from pursuing us.  No amount of messiness or sinfulness or I’m all filled up on material junk and totally distracted -ness is going to keep Him from loving us.

He’s coming here.  To live among us.  He will choose to sit with the sinners.  He will choose to know the people that the world condemns.  He will dine with the drinkers and He will forgive the adulterers and He will surprise us. He will challenge what we think we know and He will show us that we only can be BIG when we dare to get SMALL.  He will show us that we can only be STRONG when we are brave enough to ADMIT WEAKNESS.  He will ask us to get low…He will get low.  He will TURN THIS WHOLE THING UPSIDE DOWN.

He came to hang out here with us.  On our turf.  A King coming down from heaven to live among us here in this messed up place.  He came straight from His father’s heart…pure and peaceful and perfect.

So maybe this year we go.  Maybe this year we bring our weary souls to the manger. Maybe we show up with our open, broken, messy hearts…ready to trust, ready to believe.  He shows up too.  He loves us enough to accept us as we are but the good news is that He loves us too much to leave us that way.

I love this song by Dave Matthews.  In it he sings about Jesus, “So I’m told, so the story goes, The people he knew were less than golden hearted.  Gamblers and robbers, drinkers and jokers, all soul searchers like you and me.”  Love that.  Just like you and me.

This Christmas story isn’t for other people.  It’s for you.  It’s for me.  It’s for all of us.

Merry Christmas!