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The Coach

I was walking yesterday and listening to a podcast about all of us being in training and God being the coach. It got me thinking about working out and eating and the vicious defeating cycle that we call “health” in America. Gluten free, no carb, low fat, low calorie, starvation, shakes, programs, points, packaged meals, DIEts, juices, cleanses, running, weight lifting, yoga, crunches, six packs, squats, torture, exhaustion, competition,never enough, too big, too small, too weak, too slow. I’ve decided to ask God to be my coach. I long to hear His voice above all others. I am crying out to Him, “Feed me and Lead me!” He will show me where to go. I believe Him. I’m ready for His training. For firm muscles and strong bones that come from heeding His voice. Feed me and lead me Lord- or in other words, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!!”

I posted that on instagram and Facebook yesterday with this verse from Isaiah 58:11

isaiah 58-11


After that, my mom and I were talking on the phone about Weight Watchers and her struggles to eat well and she said, “It’s hard for everyone right? Even you young girls…it’s just tough.” I agreed. And I remembered that my mom is not on social media so she didn’t see the post. Which reminded me to write on the blog which is what she prefers because she doesn’t really understand Facebook and typical Mom fashion, she says, “Honey, honestly, do I really need all that?” Which is a good point. So I thought I’d post here because this is a conversation for everyone – all ages and sizes…everyone who has felt like throwing up their hands and laying on the couch with some chips and chocolate and giving up.

I’ve been praying all day…”Feed me and Lead me Lord”.

I love the image of Jesus as a coach. He’s not like Bobby Knight throwing chairs or like my high school volleyball coach who told me my thighs are “way too big” and I should run stairs and do squats every day or “I’ll be sorry”.   (I’m clearly over that.) Jesus knows love is a greater motivator than fear.  He doesn’t shame us or scare us or use violence to get His point across.

I told my friend the other day that I was disgusted with myself and my lack of discipline with working out and eating. She very clearly and slowly spoke truth to me. She said, “He is not disgusted with you. He is not disappointed in you. You are beautiful and loved.”

Maybe you need to hear that today.  It’s for you too.  See we put that crap on ourselves. If society shames us enough, we will buy their program.  If we feel like we are never enough, we will invest in their schemes. There is money in making us feel less than.

But Jesus’s currency is love.

Sure, He wants us to be disciplined and practice self control but as long as we are reeling and competing and full of fear, none of that is possible.

He is not the God of chaos but of order. Harmony. Peace.

We must seek Him first.

You are not your body but let’s be honest. Our bodies play a big part in how we see ourselves. The words we say when we look in the mirror sink in to our hearts and souls and minds. We forget whose we are.

Scripture tells us: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2) 

I need Jesus to come in and coach me. I need to hear His voice above the others even when I’m in a loud gym or on the even louder internet. The patterns of this world with regards to health are messy and confusing and overwhelming and extreme and often just plain out wrong. What is His will?

Feed me and Lead me Lord.

I don’t think the answer is another advertising campaign celebrating itself for using “real” models this time.

I don’t think the answer is a new diet, a juice cleanse or a protein shake meal replacement plan.

I don’t think the answer is a longer run or more weights or planking in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil.

The answer is Jesus.

To be honest, I wanted my friend to tell me what to do, what plan to follow, how to lose weight.  I wanted her to tell me what was “wrong” with me so I could fix it. But she is wise, so she didn’t. She just reminded me that I am beautiful and loved.

We all are.

I think that’s an amazing place to start.


I love this chart. If you are hearing a voice in your head, check it against this list to see if it’s God’s voice. Remember, He is for you.

god's voice2


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Intentional Rest


It’s July!

In July, Holy Yoga rests.  Ministry wide, we take a sabbath…on purpose. It’s intentional.

And challenging.

I’m tempted to say, “Who? Me? I’m good with resting.  I like to lay around and be lazy.” But the truth is, I may look like I’m resting.  Feet up and coffee in hand but I’m always thinking. Planning. Dreaming. Preparing.

Sometimes our mind is working even when our body isn’t.

This is why Savasana or Corpse Pose in yoga is so challenging for some people.  Our minds may keep racing while we are trying to lay still.  The key word is “trying”.  I tell my yoga students to just let everything go…don’t force anything…surrender…listen for God’s voice.  But that’s tough for some of us, right?  To turn off the “trying”.

When does the surrender come in? When does the rest just happen? How can we do this thing called downtime?

I don’t have the answers.  July for me this year is an experiment.

I’m a little scared I have to admit.  Even in resting I want to achieve.  I want July to be nourishing and rejuvenating.  I have preconceived notions about what it looks like to rest.  I want to rest well.  Even resting brings up striving tendencies.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the more I read God’s Word, the more I pray and build a relationship with Jesus…the more I hear His voice telling me to rest.  I feel He is asking me to join Him, to step into what He is already doing…I am invited but this is His show…I can join in but I am not the director.  Continuing in that theme…July is intermission.  It’s time to take a break.  I’m reminded of Jesus and his breaks…the times He took time off to pray and spend time with His Father.

So I will rest. I don’t know what that means and I’m not sure how to do it but I keep going back to His Word that tells me that my salvation is found in rest and stillness and trust. (Isaiah 30:15)

So, no planning for July.

Just presence.  In each moment. Presence.

And trust.

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No Holy Yoga classes in July.  I look forward to seeing you all again in August!