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30 days of Gratitude

It’s November.  The month of Thanksgiving.  One day is not enough to celebrate all of the things we are thankful for so I’ve decided it’s the Month of Gratitude for Great Big Yes!

I will be posting about gratitude.

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What are you grateful for?

Even though it rained on Halloween, I looked out my car window into my backyard and I saw this.  It made me pause and thank God for the colors of fall.

fall colors

Halloween is not always my favorite day because it can be stressful but I’d like to say right now, in my sugar buzzed state, that looking back over the years,  I feel blessed.

I’m grateful for all the years of Halloweens with my kids.  All the costumes and parades and class parties and sticky fingers and sugar meltdowns and trick or treating and pulling wagons and pushing strollers and seeing friends and parties on porches and bonfires and pizza and hot dogs and chili and cold beers and hot chocolate and jack-o-lanterns and spiders and homemade costumes and pumpkin patches and apple orchards and power rangers.

I’m grateful for the year when my daughters dressed as Bob the Builder and Pikachu and my husband asked, “Doesn’t anyone want to be a fairy princess?”  (And the next year he got this!)


I’m grateful for the neighborhood and the way we feel safe and the way the kids roam and the excitement and all the chatter about which houses hand out “full size candy bars”.  I’m grateful to see these kids growing up.  Not just mine but yours too and all of ours.  I’m grateful that I get to see all of this action.  It feels like a movie, with the colors and the laughter and the abundance of candy.

I’ve been blessed to have had a front row seat to this revelry and it has been a great show.

I am grateful.


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Your life…a movie?

I read somewhere to think of your life as a movie and to think of God as the audience.

Uh oh.


Well, I can see that.  I do know He is watching and I do hope He is pleased.  I guess it’s a reminder.

I wonder what genre my life would fall under.  Is it a drama…a comedy…a tragedy?

Is He falling asleep with boredom?  Is He laughing? Is He confused, wondering “Why would she say that?” Is He angry, thinking “Seriously, she’s doing that again?  When will she learn?”

Is He frantically trying to rewrite the script?  Does He need an intermission? Is He embarrassed? Shocked? Annoyed? Does He get annoyed?

This really has me thinking. 

If this is my movie and I’m the main character, then is God the director?  Is He the director and the audience? 

Who is in charge here?

The more I think about it, I like this idea.  In a movie, there is usually a small core group of people that are integral to the story.  These are the lifelong friends, the family-people who the main character knows intimately. 

Sometimes we get so focused on other people and what they are doing and their opinions, it’s not productive.  If it’s my movie, I get to decide who the core people will be.  If I remember I’m the main character who is hopefully by the end of the movie, going to evolve and grow and be happy, then I can stay focused on my journey. 

I went on a retreat once and I had to write a witness talk.  This is where you write down the details of your faith journey and then share it with the group.  I loved writing the witness but when it came time to say it out loud, I could barely get the words out.  I was reading it to my husband and he said, “Sue, I can’t hear a word you are saying through the tears.” 

I practiced and read it to a group of about 20 women.  The other women in my group did the same.  It was a defining moment for me.  The writing, the telling, and the listening were so powerful, if I wrote my witness story now that experience would be in there for sure.   

It’s a moving exercise to look back on your life and pick out the defining moments.  It’s fascinating and very reassuring to recognize God’s presence all along your journey. 

Try it.  What’s your story?  What’s the general theme?  Who are the main characters? What role does your faith play in it?  What are the conflicts?  When have you changed?  What are the defining moments? Where’s this headed? What about the ending? 

C’mon, it’s your story…what do you want it to be?

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