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Happy New Year! New Podcast with my friend, Chidimma, theTYPEAhippie

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited for 2017! I hope you are too! I challenge you to think about your “YES”. What is it? My friend asks, “What gets you up in the morning?” and my answer to that is God and “Thank you God!” but what I want to ask is, “Are you living a life you love?”.  If not, why not?  Can you spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord, “What more do you have for me Lord?” and think about your gifts and your passions and what makes you feel alive and awakened.  God has a special plan for you.  A “calling” that is unique to you with your experiences, your desires, your talents, your resources, your connections…YOU and only you can fulfill this particular calling. Some of us may be thinking, “Who, me?” YES, YOU!! My hope and prayer is that we can all live lives we love.  That we can all celebrate and say thank you together for a world (including us) that is awakened to the possibilities of all of us living lives of passion and purpose. YES? AMEN?


“But friends, you’re not in the dark, so how could you be taken off guard by any of this? You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others.” – Thessalonians 5:4-5

It’s Tuesday so here is our first podcast of the year!

I’m speaking with my friend, Chidimma Ozor, about all the amazing work she is doing.  She is a yoga teacher, essential oils enthusiast, blogger, podcaster, and all around cool chick. She and I talk about everything and this podcast is kind of funny because we started recording after we had been talking for awhile.  You will feel like you are entering into the middle of a conversation and we are all over the map! I hope you enjoy.  My desire is to have these podcasts feel like you are a fly on the wall, listening into conversations between friends who are sharing their dreams and desires and celebrating how God is working in their lives. Here are all the ways to keep in touch with Chi and what she has going on:

Website: www.thetypeahippie.com
IG: @thetypeahippie
IG: @aroma.flow
FB: www.facebook.com/thetypeahippie
FB: www.facebook.com/joyfullivingwithessentialoils
ACT | Aroma Compassion Therapy…coming soon!


The Mirror Moment



I don’t know anymore.

I hear them say the country is going to hell in a hand basket. And I think but God…

I listen to reports of protesting and fear and anger. People imagining a particular outcome is certain doom. And I think but God….

I hear of church corruption and abuse and people hurt by those they trusted for guidance. And I think but God…

I learn about sex trafficking and horrible dark crimes happening on the sunny streets near me. And I think but God…

We can wrap ourselves in anxiety and agree to be victims. We can get worked up and forget that we belong to each other. We can dehumanize others so we can easily hate and call it just. But God…

God says we are victorious. He says we are beloved. He assures us we are enough. He implores us to not be afraid. He tells us to be bold and courageous and kind.

Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor as ourself.

So first, love yourself. Call yourself worthy. Look in the mirror. Take a good long look and get right with that person. Hurt people hurt people. Heal your hurt. Invite the Lord in to minister to your heart. Get free.

Listen to the soft whisper of grace and dance in the cool breeze of freedom. Then don’t forget it. Return to the well for Living Water. Every day. Every minute. You will need it. Drench yourself in the Spirit of God. Stay free.

Remember that every single soul on earth needs that same mirror moment. Trump. Sanders. Clinton. Cruz. Rubio. Kasich. Just like you. And the supporters of all of them. They are not the devil. They are human. They need God. They long for Hope. They hunger for peace. Offer peace. And kindness and grace. Offer to others what you have been so freely given.

We can’t see God’s actual hand of protection and love and provision in these political discussions but we can see and hear YOU. How are you representing that soft whisper of grace and that cool breeze of freedom?

Don’t just talk about what you want. Be what you want. Show others what’s possible. No fear. Just love. We need you. Go ahead…Lead.

©2016 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big Yes ™ All Rights Reserved

Letter to My Daughter on Her First Day of High School

This post originally appeared on the blog in 2012 when my oldest daughter started high school. This year my younger daughter starts her freshman year. I’m reposting because  I’d say the same things to her. Of course I would say some different things too.  Because she is different.  And now, so am I. But as I read this again I realized the things we hope and pray for for our kids never really change. We moved to Texas 5 days ago from a lifetime in Illinois so my second daughter is facing some unique challenges. But here’s the thing…Places change, people change, years go by…but a mom always wants these things for her kids…so here’s to this year! And to Mom’s everywhere sending their kids off…blessings to all!


I woke up this morning thinking “Where did the time go?”

I remember the day you were born. Well, actually, I’ll be honest, it’s a blur. After being induced and then going through 24 hours of labor, I was exhausted. And then upon seeing you, I was exhilarated… and scared…and overwhelmed. I felt a keen sense of “everything is different now”. I felt blessed and terrified.

I realize now, that’s what parenting feels like. You alternate between feeling blessed and terrified.

And on your first day of high school, that describes my emotional state.

First, I want to thank you. You have taught me so much. I am certain now that God uses children to shape and form and teach us. You have taught me and you continue to do so. I am humbled and honored to be your mom.

As you enter those halls filled with thousands of other high schoolers there are some things I want you to know. Since you act mortified when I try to sit you down to “talk”, I figured I’d write instead and you can read it when you want to. Plus, I don’t have time to put you in the car and drive around which seems to be the only place we can have a meaningful conversation.

Here’s what I want you to know.

There are days that will be fun and exciting and days that will really stink. And this is okay. It is all part of growing up and becoming who you are meant to be. We cannot enjoy the mountaintop without the climb.

If you are going through tough times, remember, there is always hope. There is a rainbow waiting for you at the end of the storm. Always have faith.

Whatever is happening to you, matters to me and dad and it matters to God. Talk to us. You are never alone.

Sometimes people are nice and sometimes they are mean. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Stay nice.

Boys that are cute on the outside aren’t always so cute on the inside. Trust your instincts. Character matters. If you feel something’s not right, it’s not. Go with your gut.

Drugs are bad. I say it every day and I know you are rolling your eyes right now but I’m serious. Don’t even try them. Say no. Say it again. Say it louder. You are precious and your body and mind and soul will be destroyed by drugs. Don’t even start. Don’t even try. If you see them in the room, leave. This cannot be emphasized enough. I don’t care if you need to blame me and make up outlandish excuses to get out of there – leave…run. On that note, anyone who offers you drugs is not your friend. End of story.

There will be all kinds of people at high school. This will give you a glimpse of what the world feels like. There will be lots of new faces and you will be tempted to compare yourself to others. Don’t do it. Comparison is the tool of the devil. See, the fact is, there is no comparison. Each person is unique and beautiful and created by God who loves them. We come in all shapes and sizes…we excel in different things…we have different gifts but we are all important and vital parts of this world. We were created for a reason and God has great plans for us. We can’t compare ourselves because our journeys are so different. It’s like a giant puzzle…we all look different but without one of us, the big picture would not be complete.

You have to try. You have to try to get good grades, you have to try to make friends, you have to try to get involved, you have to try. You have to put yourself out there to grow. You cannot wait for life to come to you, you have to go out and get it. This can be scary but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Get out there…opportunities await.

Have fun. There is no rush to grow up. Laugh, meet new people, listen and engage. In every situation, there is some way to eek a little fun out of it…even math class. Life is what you bring to it so bring joy.

Believe in yourself. This sounds trite but it’s true. I believe in you, Dad believes in you, God believes in you but what really matters is that you believe in you. When you believe you deserve great things, the universe will conspire to give them to you. When you pray for good things with the expectation that they will happen, God will hear you and answer you.

I’ve heard it said that we should pray BOLD PRAYERS – that we should not ask for a C, we should ask for an A. So here’s my bold prayer for you.

Lord, I ask for great things for my daughter…I do not ask for her to just “get by” and “do okay”. I ask that you bless her abundantly. I ask that you give her strength and courage and determination. I ask that you give her eyes to see her own beauty and the beauty in the world around her. I ask that you put her in situations that are positive and life affirming and that you give her the right words and the right actions to succeed and to thrive. I ask for good people in her life…good friends, kind classmates, and inspiring teachers. I ask for teachers that can light a fire in her heart and soul and make her want to shine. I ask for teachers that understand and encourage and inspire. Be with her. Give her signs to know you are with her. Burrow deep into her heart so she knows she belongs to you. Protect her. I ask for all of these things with the expectation that you will provide. I trust you.

Oh, and Lord, before I end this…thank you. Thank you for the gift of my daughter. Thanks for knowing I need her and she needs me. Thanks for putting us together.

And while I’m at it…please bless and protect all kids starting high school and all moms. This isn’t easy but it is exciting.

See, we are back to the beginning…blessed and terrified.

©2012 Sue Bidstrup, Great Big Yes™ All Rights Reserved